2ndLine Mod Apk v22.20.0.0 (Premium/Pro)

App Name 2ndLine
Genre Communication
Developer TextNow, Inc.
Size 38.92 MB
Latest Version v22.20.0.0
Mod info Premium/Pro
Update December 07, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of 2ndLine

2ndLine is a second US or Canada phone line that functions as a full-featured business phone system on your smartphone or tablet, ideal for mobile professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. The application allows you to call and message anybody in the United States and Canada from a different number of devices you and your team already own, using Wi-Fi or your existing cellular network.

In addition, the app also offers several other benefits for phone users worldwide, including unlimited texting, free calls worldwide, professional second numbers, picture messaging, free local and international calls, and many others. Let's find out about this useful app in our in-depth review below.

2ndLine MOD APK


TextNow's 2ndLine is an incoming call encryption program that allows you to call your business colleagues using a virtual phone number. It provides you with a large variety of virtual phone numbers and allows you to make free calls to over 200 countries and regions across the world. If you are a salesperson or a random customer who needs to secure your phone number, this fantastic app can assist you. 

Create Your Local Phone Number

People's lives change dramatically once they start working since the number of relationships in their everyday lives rises greatly as a result of jobs. Many clients have had the unanticipated experience of mistaking calls from family and friends for professional calls from employers or clients. That is why this software was created to provide you with a second phone number, allowing your family and close friends to contact you more easily.

This new number does not need the usage of a dual-sim phone. Furthermore, this virtual phone number is produced by algorithms in such a way that your friends and family do not even need to store your 2nd number in their contacts.

Unlimited Text Messaging

The scope of use of this app is in the US and Canada, and you can send an unlimited number of messages to any phone number located in these two territories. The great thing about these messages is that all of these messages are free. That's right! 2ndLine does not charge for any messages you send from the phone number provided by the software, and you are in complete control of your phone bill.

Unlimited Calling to USA and Canada


If free texting doesn't impress you, the following information changes that. This fantastic app allows you to make free calls to the US and Canada with unlimited call duration, which is great for any phone user. As long as you use this app's phone number, you will no longer have to pay any costs for making phone calls.

Low-priced International Calling

International phone calls are always a problem for families with relatives in other countries as they are pretty expensive. Since internet conditions are not always guaranteed with distances of millions of kilometers for you to make calls through social networking applications, this platform proves extremely useful to you when it can provide international calling to 200 different countries and regions at a much lower cost than usual.

High Privacy and Application Security

If you're in the entertainment industry or something like that, you're well aware of the dangers that exposing your phone number can pose. They will get you in trouble with harassing phone calls and can even affect your safety. So use 2ndLine now to prevent possible problems, as the platform allows you to hide your phone number whenever you make calls.

In addition, in case you lose your phone, you can set a password so others cannot open this application and get information about your call logs. That shows that the developers of this platform really care about information security for their users.

Transcript of Voice

This feature is considered one of the most vital points of 2ndLine when it is perfectly suitable for business calls. For example, if you and your partner are on an hour-long phone call about future work plans, there's a good chance you'll miss some essential information because you can't remember it all. Luckily, this app transcribes all the spoken words on the call into text so you can quickly check your work progress and not miss a thing.

Friendly and Easy-to-Customize Interface

This application has a straightforward layout and an easy-to-use interface. The harmonious combination of colors also creates a visually calming experience while using the platform. In addition, 2ndLine allows customers to change numerous parameters for even greater personalization. You may personalize your phone calls with alarm tones, ringtones, and vibrations. Furthermore, each contact may have its own specific settings. While in the app, you may also select your own wallpaper. You may also put your own signature after each text to make the conversation more exciting.

Download 2ndLine MOD APK

2ndLine is an excellent app for all those scenes where customers worldwide are having problems with their calls. If you require limitless free connection to the United States or Canada, 2ndLine is your best option. It provides you with a second phone number and is an excellent solution to manage both work and personal conversations. Not only that, but it includes all of the functionality of a standard texting app and more. That being stated, you should download 2ndLine to make use of all of its outstanding features.

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