3D Driving Class Mod Apk v27.0 (Unlocked Cars)

3D Driving Class
App Name 3D Driving Class
Genre Simulations
Developer John 3:16
Size 259M
Latest Version v27.0
Mod info Unlocked Cars
Update December 07, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of 3D Driving Class

The development of technology has brought a great selection of games right to our smartphones. In today's article, we will introduce you to 3D Driving Class, one of the games that car enthusiasts cannot ignore. The game offers an ultimate supercar driving experience with sharp graphics, vivid sound effects, and a variety of cars that you must wish for. Not only that, the game offers a series of different maps for you to enjoy the feeling of traveling through the roads when controlling the game's supercars. Without further ado, here is our 3D Driving Class review.

Introducing 3D Driving Class

3D Driving Class will bring new feelings to players when they are too familiar with action or fighting games. The game's strength lies in authenticity when every element in the game is built most accurately compared to reality. Players will enjoy a real visual feast with high-quality 3D graphics, realistic physics, models from leading manufacturers, and full control over the car's functions. These great qualities have made the game highly praised by the player community and received millions of downloads on the online app stores.


Not just watching, you have had the opportunity to control luxury supercars to go around the beautiful roads of the game. Enjoy the luxurious and wonderful atmosphere as you go through the various missions of the game. These missions will help you to improve your driving skills. What are you waiting for? Read on to find out the most attractive game elements right now.

Effective Driving Training

As the game's title implies, it teaches the player how to drive from the very basics. In the beginning, you will be presented with consecutive instructions on the game screen. Follow these instructions to become familiar with where the controls are located, how to control the vehicle's speed during acceleration and braking, and how to navigate the steering wheel with appropriate force. Whether you already know how to drive in real life or not, it's never in vain to practice these basic skills. They are the foundation for you to perfect your driving skills and easily conquer all game challenges. 

Realistic and Entertaining Gameplay 

The game will provide a collection of luxury cars for you to choose from. The car models in the game are inspired by the originals of the manufacturers, including Honda, BMW, Scooter, Jeep, and Truck. Choose a car that impresses you, and practice controlling them smoothly to pass the game's levels.


3D Driving Class will arrange levels according to increasing difficulty for players to easily get acquainted and improve their skills. The game's basic skills are not difficult to learn, but it is not easy to master. Hard practice is the key to mastering your supercar, especially in unfavorable conditions. More specifically, some of the game's missions require you to drive in the night with heavy rain, heavy snow, or fog that obstructs visibility.

Before entering the levels, you can customize some important settings, such as the vehicle's appearance or the game's view. You can repaint the car as you wish to make it one of the most outstanding cars on the track and leave the audience in awe. At the same time, customizing the viewing angle will bring new experiences to you with each viewing angle you choose, including first-person and third-person.

Practice in a Real Traffic Environment

Not only training on specialized streets, but 3D Driving Class players will also be able to directly experience the feeling of driving in big cities. The purpose of that is to help players familiarize themselves with traffic laws and improve their skills in handling situations in real life. For example, you are required to turn on your turn signal before turning your car in another direction, drive at the allowed speed to avoid accidents in densely populated areas, and many other common situations.


Obeying the rules is the priority of the game, and parking is also subject to rules. Players will have to get used to the signs and road signs everywhere. This can be a bit annoying in the first levels, but as you go on, you will gradually get used to the rules and see your buddy's driving skills really improve.

Exquisite Travel to Dream Cities

Do you dream of walking and enjoying the night view in Paris, a calm afternoon in Amsterdam, or a foggy morning in London? All is possible with 3D Driving Class. The game synthesizes routes with the most beautiful scenery in the world to build a great visual experience for players. What could be more enjoyable and relaxing than driving your favorite car and walking comfortably in your dream city? Try to complete as many missions of the game to unlock new exciting destinations on your journey.

Share the Fun With Other Players

One of the attractions of the game is its online mode. You can connect with others in real-time and enjoy your journey with them. You can show off your driving skills and learn from pro players simultaneously. It also helps you make many new friends in the gaming community.

Download 3D Driving Class MOD APK

3D Driving Class is a perfect tutorial for beginners or anyone who is passionate about beautiful cars. The game possesses impressive graphics. Realistic control mechanics and many attractive game modes and maps. Download this game now to improve your driving skills and fill your garage with dream cars.

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