911 Operator Mod Apk 4.03.24 (Unlimited money)

911 Operator
App Name 911 Operator
Genre Simulations
Developer Games Operators S.A.
Size 78.07 MB
Latest Version 4.03.24
Mod info Unlimited money
Update January 12, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of 911 Operator

911 Operator is a one-of-a-kind strategy game in which you must become a rescue dispatcher. Your decisions will affect everyone's fate. Situations vary greatly; for some, a simple reminder of first aid action is sufficient; for others, it is just impossible to survive without emergency police, fire, or ambulance assistance. This task is not for the faint of heart, but if you decide to download 911 Operator for Android, you will be persuaded.

Direct Feedback


You will be displayed as the operator of the emergency call in 911 Operator. When you hear an emergency call, you must respond correctly and swiftly. As the primary operator, you must dispatch the required and suitable force to the incident location. When you are holding the caller's life in your hands, try not to be confused in your decision. Do not send a fire department instead of an ambulance to a burning building.

The incoming call will inform you of the situation's severity. You may get calls from a dying father's daughter, a man stuck in a burning building, and various other issues. Furthermore, it can be a joke. So be prepared to deal with any issue at any moment.

A car collision might also help to calm it down. You must promptly administer first assistance to those who have been hurt. Your primary goal after receiving a call is to reply fast and precisely to save the lives of those who are dying. Furthermore, you must dispatch your crime squad to track down the culprits and collect all evidence.

Pre-Recorded Calls To Enhance The Game’s Realistically


You should be aware that the emergency call you receive has been pre-recorded. The voice on this emergency call is from a previous event that occurred some years ago. They will add realism to your rescue mission and acquaint you with real-life emergency scenarios. More than 50 recorded voices have been uploaded to explain these conversations, allowing you to experience the dramatic, serious, and sometimes funny sense of someone's misplaced 911 calls.

Make Use Of The Rescue Force

Remember that you will be confronted with fresh and distinct scenarios each time. So you may use 12 different sorts of vehicles, such as an ambulance, a helicopter for fast response, a fire truck, a first aid box, a technical toolbox, a fuel tank, bulletproof armor for the police, and so on. These forces and vehicles will assist you in responding quickly to emergencies, such as preventing explosives from bursting in the city.


Mode Of Play

The game provides two modes. The career mode is the most well-known, whereas the campaign option is less well-known. You can call up to 20 armies in different scenarios in Campaign mode. Each level's difficulty will gradually grow. In career mode, you must finish assignments within a specific time, but difficulties get increasingly challenging for players in 911 operator modifications.

Besides, although you start in the American city of New York, to enhance the game's entertainment, you may unlock and download gorgeous cities from all over the world, like Jakarta (Indonesia), Tokyo-Yokohama (Japan), Moscow (Russia), Berlin (Germany), Los Angeles (USA), Albuquerque (New Mexico), and countless more. That would make your rescue dispatcher experience even more engaging.

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