Ace Fighter Mod Apk v2.68 (Unlimited Gold, Health, High Missile)

Ace Fighter
App Name Ace Fighter
Genre Action
Developer Action Games Az
Size 66M
Latest Version v2.68
Mod info Unlimited Gold, Health, High Missile
Update December 08, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Ace Fighter

Becoming a real pilot and piloting fighter planes has been a dream for many of us since childhood. Now, that dream is no longer too far away with the appearance of the game Ace Fighter. For the first time, you will be able to own a jet of your own, overcome the white clouds, and soar in the vast sky. Use your flying skills to dodge your opponent's attacks and take them down with powerful rockets. You will become the greatest pilot and bring glory to the country you are serving. Join us to discover interesting things about this game right now.

About Ace Fighter

Ace Fighter is a skill-based fighter jet action game. The game will bring the experience of becoming a real pilot when it simulates the combat process of military pilots in a realistic way. Graphics in the game are built with the sharp 3D format, creating a visual feast for players, with heavy fighters and weapons, and all parameters in the control compartment are arranged and displayed as close to reality as possible.


The game will satisfy anyone with a strong passion for aerial military combat vehicles. It will help you practice your fighter jet flying skills like a pro and give you the opportunity to experience intense air battles with missiles, bombs, bullets, and smoke.

Fighting Enemies in the Air

Starting your exciting journey with Ace Fighter, you will play as a trainee pilot whose first task is to learn basic flight operations. You'll need to be familiar with the game's controls and button system. In Ace Fighter, your plane will automatically fly in a straight line. You can adjust the plane's acceleration, deceleration, or rotation through the buttons on the left side of the screen. On the opposite side, the buttons on the right side of the screen represent the weapons your plane is equipped with, such as rockets, machine guns, smoke bombs, or targeted projectiles.

The game supports a special mechanic so that you can attack your enemies more easily. Whenever there is an enemy near your fighter, the sights will automatically lock. Your task is simply to select the weapons on the right side of the screen to attack them. To complete the missions in the game and keep your fighter and yourself safe, you need to kill any enemies quickly and not give them a chance. Clear the sky with heavy weapons that you use to win.


To navigate your plane to evade your opponent's attacks, you can swipe the screen to change the flight path and flexibly use the acceleration and deceleration buttons on the left side of the screen. You can also increase the aircraft speed in situations where you need to chase enemies. Minimize the amount of damage your plane has to take to help it last the longest in the battle and become the last survivor.

Powerful and State-of-the-Art Aircraft

Ace Fighter's collection of aircraft includes more than 20 different aircraft, with designs that are 100% faithful to the real thing. They are real modern aircraft today, built and used by countries with advanced military systems. Thanks to that, the game will bring the most realistic fighter jet control mouth possible for players. 

With each mission you complete in the game, you'll accumulate an amount of money to buy whatever aircraft you impress. Each aircraft in the game's collection has its own fighting style and accompanying weapons. Therefore, read the aircraft's specifications carefully to best understand its strengths and weaknesses before fighting to optimize your aircraft's damage and combat capabilities.


Impressive Combat Weapons

The combat weapons in the game will be categorized for each aircraft model. In total, the game features more than 15 different modern weapons, including rockets and heavy machine guns, for you to choose from, shop for, and equip your planes with combat capabilities.

You can use the in-game currency to purchase whatever weapon you feel is appropriate. Purchased weapons can also be upgraded to improve damage and firing time. At the same time, you also need to remember to save some money to buy ammunition for the plane. Ammunition in the game is not infinite and needs to be purchased with money, so use them sparingly and avoid wasting ammo during combat.

Diverse and Attractive Game Modes

The game offers many different game modes for players to experience. Its basic mode is team battle, where you will have to combine very well with your teammates to destroy all enemies and keep them all alive. If you are looking for more exciting challenges, try the DeathMatch mode. This mode allows you to respawn countless times to destroy all hostile planes. There are still many other attractive modes of the game waiting for you to unlock after reaching enough levels. In addition, switching between these modes also helps you hone your flying skills and entertainingly enjoy the game.

Take Advantage of Support to Increase Your Advantage in Battle

Whenever your fighter is left behind in battle or when the number of enemies is too large, you can use support through communication with headquarters. After receiving your request, the headquarters will send missiles to support you to increase your attack power. As a result, you can take advantage of this support package to quickly destroy enemies and complete assigned tasks.

Download Ace Fighter

Ace Fighter Is the ultimate plane fighting game for Android users. The game has sharp 3D graphics, heavy fighters, diverse weapon systems, and many attractive game modes. It gives an amazing and realistic experience when you transform into a real fighter pilot. Move flexibly to avoid enemy attacks, use heavy rockets to destroy them, and become the greatest soldier in Ace Fighter right now.

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