AdVenture Communist Mod Apk v6.20.0 (Free Scientist Upgrade)

AdVenture Communist
App Name AdVenture Communist
Genre Simulations
Developer Hyper Hippo
Size 71M
Latest Version v6.20.0
Mod info Free Scientist Upgrade
Update December 08, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of AdVenture Communist

Following the success of the Adventure Capitalist game, the publisher Hyper Hippo has launched the Adventure Community game with the familiar idle business simulation gameplay. With a realistic simulation business model, you will learn how to invest and use capital to create billions of dollars with just a small initial capital. This will be a great choice for those who love business and dream of becoming a billionaire. Read the review below to learn more about this exciting game.

Adventure Community MOD APK

If Hyper Hippo builds the Adventure Capitalist game as a simulation version of the capitalist economy, then coming to Adventure Community, you will experience a humorous version of the economy of a communist country. Here, you will be transformed into a boss of a potato production company with simple but equally attractive clicker gameplay.


As an idle game, this game allows you to grow your empire anytime and anywhere, even while you are sleeping. Therefore, if you make the necessary investments and develop effective workforce management plans, your potato empire may eventually become the world's most important food supply.

Grow Your Potato Empire

For all nations in the world, food is a crucial concern. So starting a business by investing in the production of potatoes is an excellent idea. You'll be given a tiny plot of land to begin as a farmer. Your goal is to make every effort to build your potato empire to get progressively stronger. Naturally, growing a lot of potatoes, harvesting them, and selling them to potential customers on the market is your greatest initial strategy.

As the company grows, the number of jobs also increases, and you will need strategies to hire more farmers and workers to raise capital and expand your business nationwide. In addition, don't forget to build farms and towns and upgrade the necessary items to help you harvest faster and have more and more farmers work on your farm. Visiting different locations on the map is also a way to unlock essential resources, including electricity, weapons, irrigation systems, etc.


Invest in Other Agricultural Commodities

You will not easily become a billionaire if you just build and grow a potato company. Therefore, Adventure Community has provided a function that allows you to have the right to invest in many other agricultural and industrial goods after having enough necessary materials. You can also upgrade plantations, towns, irrigation systems, electricity, factories, weapons, etc.

Some Tips to Quickly Become a Millionaire

As a leader, you should know how to make good use of the gray matter that comes from your company's research. They are great employees who can help you speed up production exponentially. Researchers are divided into Common, Rare, Epic, and Supreme categories. You can unlock the researcher by changing resources or buying research capsules.

Additionally, you shouldn't disregard Promotion videos that can boost your Propaganda Gauge. When this meter is full, you can raise production overall and get the most money from your sales. You can keep watching the promotion videos after this impact wears off.


Download Adventure Community MOD APK 

Overall, Adventure Community continues to give players the fun of the idle game genre with simple clicker business gameplay. Most of the time, you click to produce, upgrade, unlock and keep producing. However, all the attraction and excitement will come when you see your potato empire growing stronger and dominating the agricultural market. Download Adventure Community MOD APK to your phone to enjoy the most relaxing entertainment moments.

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