Airport BillionAir Mod Apk 1.14.1 (Free Shopping)

Airport BillionAir
App Name Airport BillionAir
Genre Simulations
Developer Rogue Harbour Game Studio Inc.
Size 157M
Latest Version 1.14.1
Mod info Free Shopping
Update January 30, 2023 (1 months ago)

Description of Airport BillionAir

Airport BillionAir is an attractive airport management game for players who love the aviation industry in general and aircraft management in particular. The game is an excellent opportunity to practice your business and leadership skills. Joining the game, you will transform into the main manager of the airport, with the main task of renovating the airport with complete services for passengers and managing stores to earn revenue to upgrade the airport. his flight.

Airport management means you have to deal with a large number of customers every day. You are the one who has to ensure security and well runs all stages and services to keep flights safe and make passengers feel comfortable. The game gives you the experience of operating an airport and managing most of the activities at the airport to increase revenue. Your goal is to expand the airport to become a popular destination that attracts more customers.


Airport Management From Zero

At the beginning of the game, you will be tasked with controlling an abandoned airport. Everything you need is unavailable because the airport has been closed for quite some time. You will have to rebuild everything from scratch, with the most important task being to help the place return to its original state and grow even further. You will get the help of companions in the game for the simplest tasks. Start the chain of missions by building dedicated stations, forming fleets, recruiting staff, expanding services, building support facilities, and more. You are the general manager of all operations at the airport, so make sure everything is running optimally.

Service Expansion To Increase Airport Revenue

A typical airport must completely use the services that clients demand. BillionAir Airport is no different. This game provides a plethora of services for players to enhance. Begin with a vending machine, a coffee shop, or a souvenir shop. This game demands players to use clever accumulation techniques to enhance their airport, not just service growth constantly.


To earn more revenue in the game, you must begin selling food and beverages, such as snacks and beans, through vending machines. When you have enough money, you will be able to open your cafés and bakeries. Then you'll have to find the personnel to hire and expand your service shop series.

Chance To Approach Various planes

As an airport operator, you will be exposed to and come to know dozens of planes every day. Each type of aircraft will have a unique design and passenger capacity. As a result, you may spend your earned money to unlock any plane in this game.

Setting up the best fleet to service various passengers can increase your profits. This game has everything from little Bi-Planes to a large Jumbo jet ready to explore. Furthermore, don't forget to unlock spectacular flight sites to expand your airport's worldwide reach.


The next step is to introduce additional planes and improve the airport's surroundings. As you go through the levels, you will get cash, rating stars, and resources. You'll need to remodel the headquarters or rooms, as well as reopen the duty-free shop. You can mostly open the luggage to obtain precious materials. After that, you may remodel the hangar and improve the storage.


Customer satisfaction at BillionAir Airport is directly affected by the attitude and skill of airport workers. When serving consumers and assisting them in meeting their own requirements, your personnel must show respect attitude. As a result, this game assigns personnel to jobs such as Pilot, Service Officer, Crew, and so on. Don't forget to hire and promote great individuals to keep your personnel engaged in their work.

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