Airport City Mod Apk v8.31.24 (Unlimited Money)

Airport City
App Name Airport City
Genre Simulations
Developer Game Insight
Size 153M
Latest Version v8.31.24
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 08, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Airport City

Airport City is an exciting airplane-themed game produced by Game Insight Studio. The game does not offer the ultimate flight simulation experience like Infinite Flight or engage in fierce and bloody air battles like Modern Warplanes, but instead, it offers two innovative game modes. and unique compared to other airplane games. You can both build a city with huge airports and thousands of state-of-the-art aircraft, and you can control the plane to go all over the world to discover the beauty of many new lands. What are you waiting for? Join us to learn about this exciting game now.

Airport City MOD APK

Airport City offers the opportunity to experience building and managing a unique and authentic aircraft system. You will start with building a fully equipped airport to accommodate aircraft and then develop surrounding satellite structures to support the operation of the main airport. Once the airport construction is complete, you will transform into an airplane pilot, explore the vast skies, fly your plane worldwide, and assist in transporting the passengers to the desired destination.


You will have to perform both tasks at the same time, being both the architect leading the works and the pilot transporting passengers. Take control of the plane and see the cities from above, helping the plane take off safely and providing a satisfying trip for passengers. At the same time, improve and upgrade many infrastructures to make your works the most modern, helping you improve the customer experience. As a result, the airline you manage will become famous and attract more customers.

Build a Modern and Professional Airport

Your first and most important task in the game is to transform a small town into a modern megacity with the biggest and best airports in the world. Players will learn everything from scratch, from how to operate a flight to manage an airport. A series of challenges await you as you have to manage everything like runways, air traffic control towers, hangars, and more. Airport City offers players the ultimate management experience in the aviation industry, allowing you to enjoy pure bliss when your modern airport is completed and welcoming its first guests.

Impressive Fleet of Aircraft


Once you've succeeded with your modern airport management project, it's time to leverage the airport's revenue to expand it and accommodate new aircraft. Use in-game currency to unlock dozens of different types of state-of-the-art aircraft and increase the quality of your airport. The game offers the most modern aircraft on the market, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Safran, and many more. They differ from each other in color, style, and engine, giving players the freedom to choose the most suitable aircraft. However, owning more planes also means you have to spend more to keep the airport running. Therefore, shop wisely to balance your income and expenses and help the airport continue to grow.

Exciting Antiquities Journey

Every time you take control of your plane to transport passengers to a specific location in the world, you'll have the opportunity to collect rare artifacts from the beautiful destinations you love. visit. The game will provide a special mission system, including products that you must collect when you visit certain locations. Collecting these items will help you satisfy your passion for collecting and earn more money to buy new planes and expand your airport.

Download Airport City MOD APK

Airport City brings exciting airline management and aircraft control experience to players. Even without the bloody and fierce air battles, the game still provides great entertainment with the construction and development of the airport. With high-quality graphics, attractive gameplay, a diverse aircraft system, and unique antiquities collection missions, Airport City is one of the games that deserve to be on your device.

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