Alarmy Mod Apk v5.43.03 (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Alarmy
Genre Productivity
Developer Alarm Clock Alarmy
Size 237MB
Latest Version v5.43.03
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Update December 23, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Alarmy

Waking up early, or at least on time, is challenging, especially if you're new to this activity. That's why we're introducing you to the Alarmy app to make waking up every morning no longer a hassle. This app comes with many highly useful little features to help you start your day productively. Read the article below to learn more information about this app.

Alarmy MOD APK: Create a Healthy Morning Routine

You may not know it, but the way you wake up in the morning can affect your mood throughout the day. Alarmy is a smart alarm app that can help you improve your wake-up process more efficiently.


This app provides additional features to assist you in every stage of your sleep and make you feel completely at ease with the experience. You'll have access to great alarm features to choose the types of wake-up methods that work for you. From frantic noises to complex tasks that force heavy sleepers out of bed.

Additionally, you can enable certain permissions on the app and let the app have certain control over more important measurements. This will ensure you can get the most out of this app and make your morning routines healthier.

Help Your Body Fully Awake After a Good Night's Sleep

The main objective of Alarmy is to assist users in gently and promptly waking up after a long, restful night's sleep. It is more than just an "alarm clock"; it has several incredibly useful functions to help you begin a brand-new, energizing day.

You're going to need more than you think to be entirely rational, not hurried, and not too stagnate. Getting out of bed is only one aspect of waking up. After a long night of sleep, the entire body needs to be roused from the inside out. The brain also requires mental exercise to feel revived and prepared for work.


Offers Fun Quests to Wake up More Efficiently

This application will help you do all of that in the most complete and detailed way but still keep a light rhythm through the following tasks:

  • Visual task: The alarm displays an image you previously set on the screen as soon as you press turn off the alarm. This image will motivate you to do something in the rhythm of your daily routine after waking up.
  • Barcode task: It helps you to scan a barcode or QR code to do something related to an item after the alarm goes off. This feature, along with the above photo task, will help you to lead a serious, healthy, and moderate lifestyle in a clear time.
  • Squat task: It immediately displays a small Squat exercise consisting of 10-20 movements to help you warm up immediately after turning off the alarm. Depending on your fitness and desired "warm-up" level, you can choose the number of squats and the intensity of this mini-exercise differently.
  • Step Task: It shows on the home screen a 30-50 step exercise, reminding you to do it after turning off the alarm. This move will get you ready for the workday.
  • Shaking task: It is still a movement that reminds you to gently exercise your body after turning off the alarm. It's the movement of shaking the phone, which can be up to 999 times.
  • Math tasks: The app will open up some basic or advanced math problems to turn off the alarm and kickstart your brain at the beginning of the day.
  • Memory task: One or more simple memory-testing games that unfold when you turn off your alarm and get out of bed.
  • Typing task: With this function, you are free to type any favorite quote to appear on your home screen; it can be your motivation.

In addition, Alarmy also provides users with useful extra features such as Wake Up Check, Backup Bar, and Quick alarm. They will assist with these tasks, making your waking process easier.


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People familiar with the fantastic smartphone app Sleep Cycle will soon have access to Alarmy, another fantastic app. Use effective alarm features that will make it easier to adhere to your timetable. Discover how to make outstanding decisions that help you get better every day.

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