Alien Creeps TD Mod Apk 2.32.2 (Unlimited Money)

Alien Creeps TD
App Name Alien Creeps TD
Genre Strategy
Developer Outplay Entertainment Ltd
Size 97M
Latest Version 2.32.2
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 11, 2023 (8 months ago)

Description of Alien Creeps TD

Alien Creeps is a classic tower defense game with a modern approach. There are many mobile tower defense games on the market today, but Outplay Entertainment's product is one of the few titles that are truly quality, have depth, and is worth spending a long time playing on your device. Let's find out the interesting points of this game right now.


Joining Alien Creeps, you will participate in a fierce battle between armies of heroes with a large number and a small number of towers in the game. Thanks to that, the game feels comfortable and not too stuffy like other games. You only have one task when participating in the game, which is to protect the vital gate of the human world from the attack of dangerous aliens.


To do that, you must diversify the main legion to take advantage of various attack abilities and weapons and build towers at available points to block the invaders' path. A smart strategy is important to win, as each type of troop and tower has a certain amount of health, and they cannot survive when attacked by enemies continuously.

Various Types Of Towers And Soldiers

Alien Creeps offers many types of towers to increase the entertainment in the game, and each tower type will have a corresponding attack mechanism. Players can choose from a versatile machine gun turret, a laser gun turret that can shoot through enemy armor, a powerful rocket turret, or a Tesla tower, the most powerful tower in the game. A Tesla Tower attack can blow away many enemies in an instant.

In addition, the game also allows you to choose between different groups of troops. They are diverse in weapons and ability to damage on the battlefield. More specifically, some special barracks can produce infantry on their own, making them work like the mechanism of a tower defense. Groups of soldiers and weapons are always available in each battle, but to take advantage of special units and powerful generals, you must collect in-game currency to buy them.


It is impossible not to mention bloody air battles, an exciting element of tower gamers. You need to use the money in the game from completing missions to equip yourself with several fighters, from primitive to heavy. They will shoot guns, throw grenades, defend your tower from the air, attack enemies, rescue hotspots on the battlefield, and keep your tower safe. Air defense is the key to overcoming critical situations when too many enemies from aliens attack your base.

Exciting Game Modes

The game offers three exciting modes, including Boss Battle, Friends Battle, and Air Force Battle with reinforcements. You can choose one of these three modes to enjoy the game's dramatic never-ending tower defense battles. Of the three modes, Combat with air raids and reinforcements is the hardest. That is where you will have to fight with many powerful enemies constantly, and you will receive very little reinforcement from the system of fighters and soldiers.


Alien Creeps is a tower defense game not to be missed for Android users who are passionate about this game genre. It offers 50 different types of towers, colorful, bright graphics, and high-speed battles with various impressive light and sound effects. Join this game now to become a master of strategy and defend your tower firmly against the onslaught of aliens.

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