Alien Zone Plus Mod Apk 1.6.5 (Unlimited money)

Alien Zone Plus
App Name Alien Zone Plus
Genre Action
Developer Hummingbird Mobile Games
Size 96MB
Latest Version 1.6.5
Mod info Unlimited money
Update January 13, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Alien Zone Plus

Alien Zone Plus is an engaging alien shooter role-playing game developed by Hummingbird Mobile Games. Joining the game, you will transform into the savior of humanity when stopping the plot to invade the Earth of aggressive and brutal aliens. The game is inspired by the classic Alien Shooter and promises to bring players the most intense and dramatic combat experience. Let's find out the interesting points in this game with us right now.

Join The Fierce Battle To Protect the Earth


The game is set in a deadly future. In 2500, our beloved Earth is on the verge of doom. Our space stations are being attacked by aliens, while the people on Earth are exhausted from the spreading plague. The whole world is moving towards serious devastation. In that context, you are humanity's last hope. With superior combat ability, the most advanced weapons on offer, and a brave heart ready to rush into the battlefield to destroy the enemy, you have been chosen as the most prestigious warrior to protect the Earth. Land and defeat countless aliens.

The stuffiness and stress are what you can feel as soon as you step into the doom world of Alien Zone Plus. More than just one or a few monsters at a time, you will have to fight amid waves of terrifying alien monsters. They will attack you from all directions, leave traps that make every move thrilling, and constantly appear so you don't have a second to rest in the middle of the battlefield.


Therefore, you will have to become the strongest, fastest, most alert, and bravest warrior to shoulder the mission to destroy the enemy and protect the Earth. This is both your responsibility and your opportunity. Grab the gun and advance, knocking down any monster that rushes from the dark, wiping out the entire battlefield to win. Do that, and you will become the strongest warrior and the savior of the Earth.

Thrilling Gameplay

Your character will level up and become more and more powerful as you progress through the game levels. No matter which character you choose to play, you can enjoy different perks and character creations. The game also offers a diverse arsenal of weapons that you can customize for your character or your fighting style. From machine guns, shotguns, and cannons, to targeted missiles, laser guns, or even long-range assault bombs, every weapon is available for you to use. Become an iron warrior or a bloodthirsty monster slayer, the choice is yours.


Each battlefield you participate in has different characteristics. You can fight in schools, hospitals, old industrial areas, warehouses, or even in high-rise buildings. However, one thing is for sure; monsters will appear countless on each battlefield you attend. Therefore, you must always maintain maximum concentration to ensure your life and destroy these aggressive monsters.

High-quality 3D Graphics

Alien Zone Plus is highly appreciated for the graphical experience for players. The game takes advantage of professional 3D graphics technology, realistic depictions of battles, weapon systems, surrounding scenes, and especially monsters. They will appear in the game full of gore and slime and make any player feel horrible. The scenes covered by darkness in the game also make the player feel the death, desolation, and danger of the world with no way out. Now it's your turn to be brave, enter the endless battle in Alien Zone Plus, destroy all the monsters and protect the safety of humanity.

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