Angry Birds Epic RPG Mod Apk 3.0.27463.4821 (Unlimited Money)

Angry Birds Epic RPG
App Name Angry Birds Epic RPG
Genre Casual
Developer Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 177MB
Latest Version 3.0.27463.4821
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 08, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Angry Birds Epic RPG

Angry Birds Epic is a fun game version from the publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation, the parent of a series of "angry birds" games popular with millions of players worldwide. The production team used a unique but equally exciting method of creating material in this release to provide players with countless moments of enjoyment. With hundreds of hard stages, the game will take you on an expedition across Piggy Island's sunny beaches, cold mountains, and deep dungeons. Collect and construct a massive armory of weaponry, and utilize strong magic to combat scary boss pigs and their numerous minions.

Angry Birds Epic MOD APK

In recent years, Rovio has already released a staggering amount of games with the Angry Birds theme. But Angry Birds Epic is unlike the others since it introduces a fresh style to the Angry Birds franchise for the first time. The game's structure is an RPG with turn-based strategy elements. Additionally, the entire game will take place on a remote tropical island that is home to all of your favorite pigs.

Fans of this game series won't be let down by the wide variety of settings, which span from snow-capped mountains to clear beaches. After the game, you'll get the chance to battle the king directly after facing more foes.

Join the Battle of the Birds

Angry Birds Epic will take players to Piggy Island to join the battle between hilarious birds, including angry birds and pig birds. The pig birds have stolen all the eggs of the angry birds, and that is why this war begins.

In each stage of the game, you will be required to command an army of three Angry Birds to fight another team. Your task just needs to move the Angry Birds towards the pigs for the two sides to fight.

Of course, if you win, your hard work will be rewarded. The game's rewards will include gold coins, money and jewels. You can use the money you accumulate to buy helmets for the Angry Birds squad, goods, weapons and Mighty Eagle birds to help you fight the enemy.

Exciting PvP Mode Launched

The default mode of this game operates similarly to the first-generation series. By default, your birds can compete against AI to win and receive rewards.

You can also try out PvP mode if you're searching for something more thrilling. In this special mode, your birds can engage in combat with the birds of other players. So, you can invite your friends to play with you in the PvP mode and take part in hilarious yet fierce conflicts.

Funny Weapon Collection

This game will provide a diverse and humorous arsenal for players to destroy the hateful pig birds. These weapons range from guns, bows, hammers, swords, and darts to unrelated items like brooms, brushes, and more. All of them are designed to be funny, promising to bring laughter to Angry Birds fans.

Besides, through levels, you can upgrade the weapons you have to increase damage. That will make your weapon more destructive, helping angry birds to vent their anger on funny pig birds.

Top-Notch Graphics and Sound

Angry Birds Epic is based on 3D visuals, fluid imagery, and bright color schemes. Angry birds and pig birds are made to look charming and comical to please gamers. Piggy Island has been diligently invested in, methodically designed, and meticulously built to be authentic to every aspect, providing gamers with a fresh and airy environment to rest in.

The screams of the birds and the impact of the weapons also contribute to the game's audio. The background music's dynamic rhythms also add to the originality of the gameplay.

Download Angry Birds Epic MOD APK

Angry Birds Epic is a game that brings humor and fun to anyone's entertainment. It comes with simple gameplay, sharp graphics, bright colors and funny expressions of angry birds. Download this fun game now to relax after a working day with family and friends.

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