Animal Warfare Mod Apk v2.9.7 (Unlimited Money)

Animal Warfare
App Name Animal Warfare
Genre Strategy
Developer PlaySide Studios
Size 116M
Latest Version v2.9.7
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 06, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Animal Warfare

Don't miss Animal Warfare as a version for charming animal shapes if you enjoy easy and addicting strategy mobile games or if you are a fan of Art of War. This game's strategic battle format and pixel-drawn aesthetic will undoubtedly make you feel comfortable, but it won't make it any less alluring. Prepare to engage in furious combat in simulator encounters and overcome numerous challenges to win the game.

Animal Warfare MOD APK

Animal Warfare is an animal-themed war strategy game released by the famous game studio PlaySide Studios. As we mentioned, this title builds hero settings in a pixelated style like Art of War. The difference between the two games is that the soldiers in Art of War are infantry, wounded, and cavalry. In contrast, the main characters in Animal Warfare are lions, bears, giraffes, and other animals.


In this place, the animals are strong warriors. You will release your monsters to try to win any ferocious conflict by patiently assembling an army of animals. Discover more about this fascinating game's special features by playing it right away.

Super Fun Animal Chess on Mobile

You won't get tired of playing this game because it has a lengthy plot and hundreds of battles. Your mission is to destroy all enemy monsters. But initially, all you have are mid-range fighters like dogs and giraffes. You can use the gold coins you earn from winning battles to purchase new, tougher beast fighters like lions, bears, tigers, leopards, rhinoceroses, etc. Each beast possesses unique abilities and benefits. So, you acquire an advantage in conflicts to a greater extent the quicker you make money.

The Suppression strategy, like in the classic game of chess, is the key to success in this one. To destroy the opponent's beast, you must be aware of each beast's advantages and use them to your advantage. As you go to higher levels, you will also encounter large animals. To defeat the large beast in front of you, you must have a sensible formation strategy and timely defense and attack.

Additionally, don't forget to upgrade your beast army so that it will be prepared to fight larger and more powerful foes. This game's distinctive feature lets you combine smaller creatures to create a more powerful beast. Thanks to this feature, you will become more evenly matched with the enemy side.


Every Battle is a Whole New Experience

In Animal Warfare, every combat is a unique experience that guarantees you won't be able to picture what you see in front of you. Military creatures from both sides charged toward each other, refusing to give up. Everybody in that conflict fights their way.

Only a few animals, like bears or crocodiles, can pass over river terrain; the others can only stand motionless. It's significantly more intense on land. Elephants strike their opponents with their trunks, bears strike repeatedly with their hands, and hippos beat their prey savagely with their horns. Additionally, there is a monkey army that attacks the opposition with fruit. Sounds interesting, right?

Simple Pixel Graphics With Vivid Sound

The pixel 3D graphics in Animal Warfare are not too detailed but rather just intelligently arranged color arrays and forms. Additionally, you'll notice that the background scene, which consists solely of the background color, the bridge, and the river, is likewise perfectly crafted. On the other hand, this game's audio design is more thoughtful. The sound effects are effectively constructed, raising anticipation for the combat.

Download Animal Warfare MOD APK

Animal Warfare is a great strategy fighting game with the main theme of animals. Here, the battles take place automatically, but the strategy and formation are entirely up to you. Match the animals you want to your animal army, use their characteristics to fight the enemy, and win better through proper matching. Overall, this game perfectly meets the requirements of an exciting strategy game on the phone. Download Animal Warfare now to have the best entertainment hours.

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