Anime Studio Story Mod Apk v2.1.8 (Unlimited money)

Anime Studio Story
App Name Anime Studio Story
Genre Simulations
Developer Kairosoft
Size 31M
Latest Version v2.1.8
Mod info Unlimited money
Update December 06, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Anime Studio Story

Are you an Anime lover that searches daily for games with comparable genres? However, the majority of anime-themed video games revolve around characters that you may virtually shift into and familiar adventures. I'd like to use this opportunity to present you to Anime Studio Story, a game with a highly unique and captivating gameplay. You will change into a boss with an Anime production studio. Doesn't that seem fascinating and fresh? Let's read the article below to discover more about Anime Studio Story.

Introducing Anime Studio Story

Most people undoubtedly are familiar with this well-known Japanese animation style. There are many different genres of Anime, including action, adventure, school, and horror. With well-known series like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball,..  have drawn a tremendous following from all over the world and are often linked to childhood for many people. As of right now, the anime market is still booming and attracts a lot of admirers from around the globe.


There are new Anime series released every year, and they are always well-received by viewers and respected by experts. Have you ever wondered how the production of an Anime film is carried out? Publisher Kairosoft created Anime Studio Story to provide players a fresh perspective on this genre while also helping fans have a better look at the Anime production industry.

Create Anime in Your Style

Once you've begun anything, you need to give it a name and begin expanding on it. It's difficult to manage a studio, so you have to hire a lot of workers to work together. An anime episode lasts only 22 to 24 minutes, which is relatively short for watching but very long for the production process. Therefore, you need to find an assistant to make the division of tasks easier.

Obviously, a starting business will be pretty average and go unnoticed. With a relatively little budget, you must start with the first season of an anime series with low quality. Then, you will need to broadcast your movie on a variety of platforms in order to market your brand and become well-known. Look into some reliable TV shows and websites that can increase the popularity and audience for your film. Everything takes time and careful observation at first, remember to notice which genres are preferred by audiences and begin making movies in those styles.


Process of Production

Since you are now a boss, you can develop a completely new anime character. Your choice of character can be a schoolboy who has been transformed into a superhero, a detective, a magician, or any other character based on your ideas and interests. Additionally, you can learn more on social media platforms to develop your character and make a remarkable impact on viewers. The passion for your character can help your Anime series to be popular and reach a wider audience.

In addition to producing Anime, please take some time to see the comments that other people give you. This is really helpful in letting you know where you need to improve and in understanding the demands of your audience. An anime's production costs are high, including the salary of the staff. You must therefore put in a lot of effort and invest in your own work if you want to achieve great success.



The graphics of Anime Studio Story are relatively gentle and straightforward, so it does not need a powerful processor. As a result, players can play on any phone without concern for configuration. In a small yet incredibly detailed studio, the game shows the process of creating an Anime series very exciting. This is a fantastic simulation game with many elements just waiting to be discovered.

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