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Anime: The Multiverse War
App Name Anime: The Multiverse War
Genre Arcade
Developer Room Studios
Size 38M
Latest Version v1.8
Update December 07, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Anime: The Multiverse War

Most people must have played action and mortal combat games, but have you ever tried playing fighting games featuring anime characters? Anime: The Multiverse War from Room Studios publisher is the game I'd like to introduce to you today. This game guarantees to deliver the most exciting, alluring, and captivating matches, much like the ones you see on the big screen. To comprehend Anime: The Multiverse War better, read the article below.

Introducing Anime: The Multiverse War

Anime is a vibrant animation genre with a deep storyline and stunning graphics. From powerful magicians to Ninjas or pirates, each film presents us with pictures of characters who are portrayed as being particularly strong and unique. Characters from famous movies have been fighting together in a few films, but you still want to see them engage in more combat.


Anime: The Multiverse War was released to provide gamers with the most dramatic matches as well as satisfy fan demand. Legendary anime characters are present here and will engage in combat. Each character is a superhero in their own series so who in this game will be the strongest hero?

The antagonists also appear with the main characters.You will have the chance to command every character with all of their attributes just like in the movie, and you can direct them to engage in combat to produce the biggest war.

Instructions for the Game

You will be pretty familiar with how to control the character because it is similar to other fighting games. The movement of the character is controlled by a sequence of buttons on the left side of the screen, while the skill buttons are located on the right. Double-clicking the Left or Right button will make the character run more quickly and dodge assaults. The skill buttons will include options for attack, damage cap, and energy charge. If you repeatedly press and hold the B button, the character will launch high-damage assaults.

Players might be confused at first, but after you get used to it, you'll be able to handle your character skillfully and gain the upper hand in battle. Playing multiple characters will allow you to experience numerous different techniques and gain new insights.


Games Rules

You should have an understanding of the character you are controlling in order to properly combine attacks and defense. Each character has their own universe and unique set of skills, yet there will still be some points where they can be defeated. Alternatively, you can practice a lot to learn the opponent's strengths/weaknesses and the game's pace, then use that information to formulate rational defenses and offenses. The side that runs out of blood first loses, and you'll face a plethora of opponents in the following match in this anime universe.

With each victory, you will get stronger characters for yourself as well as fighting experience from the previous matches. You can arm yourself with a powerful army of heroes and fight more skillfully thanks to those things.


The creation of the graphics and characters in Anime: The Multiverse War was carried out extensively. The game's scene is really distinct, vibrant, and colorful. Beautifully formed character movements that closely resemble the movie's originals can be seen. For player satisfaction and to draw them to the game, the attacks are also very explosive.

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