Annelids Mod Apk 1.116.6 (Unlimited money)

App Name Annelids
Genre Action
Developer Michal Srb
Size 29.65 MB
Latest Version 1.116.6
Mod info Unlimited money
Update January 17, 2023 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Annelids

Annelids is a fun game from Michal Srb. The game begins an underground war between cute worms and their acts. Join the game and play as a worm to engage in the underground conflict. Enjoy interesting ground fights, a new area, and a one-of-a-kind space to explore. Worms' activities may damage everything in the game's wild universe.

Compete with other worms by attacking and destroying them. Your opponents are people from all across the world. They will command distinct worms to compete with you. Only fighting can bring the war to an end. You have the option of being a weak worm or becoming the monarch of the earth by defeating all other worms.


Mischievous Worms' Epic Battle

The worm in Annelids may do a variety of things, such as move about the ground and fly freely to avoid obstructions. Your worm may fire a thread at a certain spot and then gather the thread to fly across various locations on the map.

Furthermore, the worm may use weapons to assault adversaries. Fire a range of rounds at foes to cause them to lose their health. The conflict can occur at any time. To win, you must destroy as many adversaries as possible. When the timer runs out, your accomplishments will match the awards you obtained. Outstanding achievements in the game will be rewarded with many bonuses and expensive prizes.

Looking For A Flag To Mark Sovereignty

During the underground struggle, your worm will be required to execute various responsibilities. In addition to battling, the position of sovereignty must be marked. You'll accomplish this by looking for flags and then touching them to transform the flag's color to a worm-like hue. Take turns looking for and marking sovereignty on the map using flags to win the battle. 


Finding the flag, on the other hand, is a bloody fight. Because you'll have to deal with other worms. Be cautious in any changing position since you might be assaulted anytime. Your bullets, in particular, will cause you to lose blood. So be cautious in all of your actions and strikes against adversaries.

Missions And Maps Of Many Types

There are over 66 tasks to complete in 17 game maps for you to explore. Each assignment will take you on a fascinating excursion with epic conflicts taking place on various maps. The game's difficulty will rise with each level as you enter a new assignment. As you go through the stages, your foes' combat abilities get more diversified and sophisticated. 

There are also many intriguing maps for you to explore. Fight in the dirt, on the circuit boards, in the lava, in the grass, and in the frozen snow. Each map is well-created, with distinct backgrounds. So, the game claims to take you on a thrilling experience.


One-Of-A-Kind Weapons

The worms' weaponry in Annelids is incredibly varied. Bananas, grenades, rockets, baseball bats, swords, and spinning saws are among the 33 primary weapons. There are plenty of additional unusual weapons to be discovered. Each worm can carry six different weapons during combat. You may select the best weapons for your fighting style. Not only that but there is also nine hidden weaponry for you to outfit the worm with. Adapt your weaponry to the current scenario. Select a melee weapon or one with ranged attack capability. Take down foes quickly so you may keep looking for fresh prey.

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