App Cloner Premium Mod Apk 2.16.0 (Unlock)

App Cloner Premium
App Name App Cloner Premium
Genre Simulations
Developer AppListo
Size 30.4 MB
Latest Version 2.16.0
Mod info Unlock
Update January 14, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of App Cloner Premium

Users of App Cloner Premium have the ability to clone any application already installed on their device, which can be useful for a variety of tasks, including assisting users in simultaneously opening the same application. The rapid clone that App Cloner generates is based on a different package name than the original, which ensures that it will not interfere with the process of opening the app alongside the original version. Take, for instance, the fact that you adore a particular game and wish to sign in to both of your accounts at the same time. With this tool, you won't need to carry about two different gadgets because everything can be done on your phone. You can gain a better understanding of this application by reading the following article.

Introducing App Cloner Premium


In addition to the applications that you have installed yourself, App Cloner gives you the ability to modify some of the system apps. Users have the ability to clone and change content as they see fit. App Cloner is equipped with everything possible, from basic features such as icon replacement to comprehensive privacy settings. It is quite easy to use if you have a requirement to launch a number of programs that are comparable to one another at the same time. After installation, the application will automatically adapt its language settings to match the conventions of the nation in which you are now located. Because of this, it is highly regarded by consumers, and as a result, it is downloaded rather frequently.

Modify the Fundamental Characteristics

Each feature in App Cloner's extensive list of capabilities is explained in depth. Users have the ability to select the quantity of programs that they like to duplicate, alter the application's name, and alter other aspects of the icon's appearance, including replace, change color, rotate, etc. All of these features can be enabled or disabled without having any impact on the application's core operations' original use. When it is finished, it will assist users in differentiating between variations depending on different versions.


Security for the System

App Cloner gives users the ability to more deeply interact with applications they use. It has an immediate impact on the capabilities of the application whose code you are copying. Such as security, the setting of a password, and the removal of access to programs such as call records, messaging, contacts, and calendars. Additionally, it is helpful to change the color of the status bar, the navigation, enable dark mode, use a screensaver, and other similar settings. Every function is connected in some way to the layout of the application.

Other Features

In addition to its primary capabilities, App Cloner Premium gives you the ability to archive content, redirect external storage, enable backups, disable image access, and browse through media. There will be an expansion file, a GPS joystick, and GPS tracking included in the game. In addition, it can automate things for you, such as adjusting the brightness when the device starts up, managing the "do not disturb" setting, or carrying out tasks in Tasker, etc.

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