Arcaea Mod Apk 4.1.4 (Unlocked All)

App Name Arcaea
Genre Music
Developer lowiro
Size 930MB
Latest Version 4.1.4
Mod info Unlocked All
Update December 09, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Arcaea

Music has always been something that soothes people's souls, so what if music and games come together? If you are a music enthusiast, Arcaea will be the ideal game for you. Millions of players all over the world enjoy this music game, which will provide you with the most tranquil moments and heart-melting tunes. To better comprehend this Arcaea game, read the article below.

Introducing Arcaea

Music game genres are very popular in the market nowadays since they are not only easy to play, but they also provide tunes that make us feel better. After a long day at work or school, please indulge yourself with a music game, it will relieve a lot of stress and put you in a good mood. If you're wondering which game to play from among the many options available today, let me introduce you to Arcaea.


Arcaea is a one-of-a-kind music game by the publisher lowiro. The game's vintage style combined with a variety of music genres is sure to please you. More specifically, the game's designs are appealing and lovely, borrowing inspiration from Anime, and the catchy melodies will undoubtedly make you happy.

The settings of the game depicts the narrative of two girls living in a Arcaea's harsh world. You will select a character and begin the trip with melodies that have many ups and downs. Players will find a way to properly connect those tunes, release the two girls from the domain of the dark forces, and discover melodies ranging from classical to modern.


Arcaea is a simple but appealing gameplay with musical notes and sounds. The player's objective is to tap the screen to appear sound strips to descend from the top. On the screen, there will be four boxes carrying audio strips, and below them will be a purple tile indicating when the player should press the screen. Although the gameplay of Arcaea is basic, it will not bore you because it challenges players to have a quick reaction speed to click the proper buttons at the right moment in order to obtain the best score.


Furthermore, the latter song packages will be an exceedingly difficult task with a faster pace and interwoven, making it difficult for players to concentrate on performing. To be able to complete the difficult levels, you must put in a lot of practice time.

Arcaea’s Outstanding Melodies

The game has provided players with a music package system that includes many thrilling and familiar tracks from the start. Music in Arcaea aims to deliver you fantastic relaxing moments with famous and familiar music from big movie titles. Not only that, but the music packages in Arcaea are continually updated with current trending tracks, so you don't get bored when you have to repeat the same old song over and over again. Playing this game after a long day of work would undoubtedly transform your mood, allowing your spirit to be more delightful.



Although Arcaea just has 2D graphics and a game background with few highlights, it is quite successful in establishing a poetic aesthetic similar to that of comic books. The predominant animation style of Arcaea is inspired by Japan, from the clothes and eye-catching shapes to the cover art of the game screens, songs are attractive and appealing.

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