Archery Battle 3D Mod Apk 1.3.10 (Unlimited Money)

Archery Battle 3D
App Name Archery Battle 3D
Genre Action
Developer Doodle Mobile Ltd.
Size 55.9 MB
Latest Version 1.3.10
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 16, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Archery Battle 3D

Archery Battle 3D is a 3D archery simulation game with a user-friendly perspective. By playing the game, the player will transform into a professional archer, and the player's duty will be to challenge the many levels that the system presents to challenge; the more accurate you are, the more points you will receive. reputation. The game has a low memory footprint, allowing machines with low setup to play normally, something few games with gorgeous visuals can do.

Simple Controls


The game provides a simple control mechanism for all players to easily get used to. Aim precisely at the target, hold the force bar to adjust the firing force, and release your hand from the screen to shoot the bow. When playing the game you will need to pay attention to many factors such as wind strength, distance to the target, and shooting angle to create the most accurate shots and closest to the heart. Of course, you will get more bonus points if you shoot the bow closest to the target.

Exciting Game Modes

There are two fundamental game modes: standard play and challenge. In challenge mode, you will compete against other players in a one-on-one match to win the Olympic title; to play this mode, you must first unlock the first ten stages to become acquainted with the game's principles. In regular mode, you will go to several locales, such as an archery range, a pine forest, a desert, and a rainforest. To access other habitats, you must also pass the game screen. Attempt to hit the best target and gain the most points.


Furthermore, the multiplayer option is accessible in Archery Battle 3D. In this mode, you will compete against individuals from all around the world. You must win matches to earn their money. As you defeat your opponent, your rank will rise. In multiplayer mode, you may also send your opponent's emoticons and messages already present in the game to make the competition more entertaining. 

Beautiful Archery Locations And Many Levels To Experience

Beautiful places always attract gamers. In Archery Battle 3D, you will play different matches at different locations. There are more than 100 locations in this game, including pine forests, archery fields, death deserts, and rainforests. They will lift your mood as you test your archery skills in stunning locations.


The game offers more than 80 stages for players to practice their archery skills. Later levels are always more difficult than previous levels. The more you play, the more exciting and difficult challenges you will encounter. Pass the levels, and you will see your archery skills improve markedly.

Impressive 3D Graphics

Archery Battle 3D brings a high-quality graphical experience to every gamer. The game provides an amazing graphical experience with detailed 3D design, from arrows and bows to the surrounding landscape. In addition, the game also adds some effects to make the player's experience more realistic.

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