Arknights Mod Apk 12.0.01 (No SP Cost)

App Name Arknights
Genre Strategy
Developer Yostar Limited.
Size 1.6GB
Latest Version 12.0.01
Mod info No SP Cost
Update December 09, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Arknights

Arknights is a strategic defense game that you shouldn't pass up, especially if you're an anime fan. This is a well-known role-playing game from the developer Yostar Limited that is incredibly appealing and has a sizable following. Players will have a sense of familiarity such as well-known Japanese animated flicks as they play Arknights.  Let's go through the outstanding features of Arknights in the following article.

Introducing Arknights

Arknights is set in a world where many diverse races live; life was essentially peaceful here until the plague struck. Because this disease has a 100% fatality rate, the world has devolved into chaos. Players will take on the role of a Doctor who is saved by Amiya while unconscious, but you have lost your memories and are fully unaware of your background. Players will begin their trip by joining an organization whose mission is to study the global tragedies.


You will collect many different hints and progressively restore your memories as you complete quests. Your ultimate goal is to discover a vaccination that will put an end to the catastrophe that is currently being played out. If you are able to stop this terrible outbreak and the sinister secrets that this world is harboring, you will become the hero of humanity.


Arknights maintains the primary gameplay of the castle defense genre, preventing opponents from moving towards their walls. You can gain yourself other lovely companions on your squad in the struggle to avoid the epidemic, in addition to accompanying the leader of Rhodes-Amiya. Arknights' levels are incredibly different, with growing complexity and little repetition to provide variety for players. Each challenge features numerous rounds of enemy attacks, and each wave has a varied number of foes, which the system will show you so you can devise an appropriate defense strategy.


Furthermore, there are numerous tasks to combat monsters, if you defeat numerous monsters, you will receive gold and experience. You can select various monster levels and replay them indefinitely to amass massive sums of gold and experience in only a few levels. Alternatively, if you prevent the monster from passing through the stronghold many times, the task will be considered completed and the next mission will be unlocked. The more tasks you complete, the more secrets are exposed in the game, and you will learn about your past.

Arknights Characters

The game features several beautifully designed characters, each with a unique appearance and ranking in a hierarchy with commensurate strength in rising order: 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars. Some characters, for example, have melee powers, whereas others, such as medic and sniper, may attack from a greater distance. You should analyze the character's abilities and place them in appropriate attacking and defensive positions to help the team win.


Besides, there are numerous creatures in the land of the Arknights, including: cattle, mage, archer, cum soldier, etc. Players must be intensely concentrated if they don't want to lose because there will be bosses with tremendous strength and destructive power, especially towards the end of each level.


The graphics in Arknights' main interface and each game screen are reminiscent of Japanese anime series. The characters and scenes are detailed and brilliantly made, perfectly complimenting the plot in a dark and sometimes mysterious way. Also, explosions, gunfire, monster roars... are all extremely genuine and distinct sounds.

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