Armed Heist Mod Apk 2.7.4 (Immortality)

Armed Heist
App Name Armed Heist
Genre Action
Developer Sozap
Size 738MB
Latest Version 2.7.4
Mod info Immortality
Update December 09, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Armed Heist

Have you ever imagined yourself to be a bandit who engages in dangerous gunshots, risky robberies, and being pursued? Armed Heist is an absolute must-play if you enjoy criminal and chase-themed video games. In Armed Heist, you'll experience a chaotic world while acting as a wanted criminal and participating in violent shootings. You can read the article below to learn more about Armed Heist, a game that promises to provide you the most captivating and delightful experiences.

Introducing Armed Heist

Armed Heist lets players experience the ferocity of a criminal. Shootings occur frequently, and you are always at risk. Players must constantly find a means to flee and attack with other hazardous forces. Weapons will be crucial equipment in Armed Heist for you to assault and safeguard your life.


As soon as you rob the bank, the cops will come after you hard. Outside the bank, you'll have to find a decent hiding spot, then shoot down all of the surrounding cops so you can sprint to the front door and leave with the car waiting.

You will experience more than 70 bombardment tasks as a bandit hiding in cover, as well as a series of spectacular combats. Armed Heist will provide you with a suspenseful feeling as well as the ability to respond fast to surprise attacks. You must walk carefully to avoid being attacked and find a way to hide swiftly before the police catch you. In Armed Heist, strive to become the toughest bandit and avoid losing to anyone.

Attack Weapon

Armed Heist will equip players with over 30 different sorts of weapons to battle with, including popular guns like pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles. You can even make your own weapons to help you fight the cops and other deadly criminals. In addition to the weaponry that you are familiar with in these attack and pursuit games, you are also armed with additional protective equipment like armor to avoid opponent attacks or a viewfinder to help your shots be more precise.


You are always a target in the pursuit of the police and always confront the battle with guns as a notorious robber armed with a choice of advanced weaponry. Take advantage of the weapons wisely to battle the opponent and find a safe exit. Armed Heist will make you feel like a bold robber, a bank robber who is not frightened of anyone.

The Significance of the Map

The map is an essential component of the shooting game genre. Sozap, the publisher, presents players with a thorough map of the bank's database. You must study attentively and prepare wisely in order for this robbery to go well.

Even if you have a comprehensive strategy, challenges will always arise, so always be prepared to prepare for the unexpected. Remember Use the weapons and equipment offered to you to complete the assignment because you will be awarded with a large sum of money after each robbery.



Armed Heist displays the fierceness of gun engagements and recreates the scene in the game extremely convincingly with the gloomy hues of a city full of criminals. The weapons, maps, and city scenery are all built with clean and appealing 3D graphics. Characters are imbued with many types of shaping and outfits to keep the game from becoming monotonous, hence attracting a large number of players.

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