Armored Squad Mod Apk 2.7.0 (Unlimited Money, Items)

Armored Squad
App Name Armored Squad
Genre Action
Developer FoxForce Games
Size 112MB
Latest Version 2.7.0
Mod info Unlimited Money, Items
Update December 09, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Armored Squad

Robot wars have long attracted a lot of interest in media, including movies, comic books, and video games. If you're seeking a thrilling robot war arena game, let me introduce you to Armored Squad. This game allows you to indulge your passions because you can utilize a number of robotic warriors and command them to engage in intense combat. Armored Squad is adored and downloaded by many gamers every day due to its unique characteristics; let's find out what makes this game so popular.

Introducing Armored Squad

Robot-themed movies are often well-liked by audiences, and this popularity encourages game makers to continually produce new robot fighting games in the market. Armored Squad is undoubtedly one of the best robot-related video games. Players will take part in the fights between enormous robots with incredibly majestic shapes. Gamers will experience new and fascinating interactions with the formidable soldiers at Armored Squad thanks to the authenticity in the game, which is equivalent to that of other movies.


The combat will occur in chaotic settings, just like in the movies we've seen. You will concentrate on commanding your robot warrior to battle with multiple objectives and prevail. Learn and memorize the feature buttons on the screen before you begin the game so you can maneuver and launch precise assaults.

Armored Squad conflicts take place in a variety of settings, such as vast woodlands or well-known spots around the globe. You will have immensely novel and thrilling encounters once you have control of the enormous robot warriors, enabling you to play and indulge your enthusiasm with these formidable steel warriors.

Giant Robot Battle


In Armored Squad, you will be able to create the most dramatic fights without having to rely on movies. FoxForce Games provides players with more than 60 levels, many of which may be played without access to the Internet. However, the sections of the game are challenging, and the opponents get increasingly harder to deal with. You can take the time to practice and gain combat experience to enhance your skills and level, allowing you to effortlessly defeat the enemy.

Enhance Your Warrior’s Weapons

Weapons are indispensable in a conflict, in addition to strategy and power. Strong weaponry increases your chances of winning, thus upgrading your weapons in Armored Squad is essential. After completing a certain amount of levels, you will be equipped with formidable weapons such as swords, guns, lasers, and so on to aid your robot's fighting abilities and damage rise. I'm sure that the upgrade is well worth the exciting bouts here. The combat will be exceedingly fierce and full of eyes for you after your weapons are enhanced as well as paired with the fighting might of the steel warriors.


Make Your Own Robot Collection

Throughout the game, you will come across many Robot designs as well as portions of Robot parts. From there, you can design wholly new and one-of-a-kind combat steel warriors. Each sort of Robot will have unique characteristics and destructive power. Let's gather more warriors so that you can win the upcoming battles.

There are currently many games on the subject of robots but still bring a lot of overlap. Armored Squad, on the other hand, offers gamers thrilling combat and gigantic Robot formations. As a result, this game is always at the top of the list of combat robot games that many gamers enjoy and appreciate.

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