Arrow Fest Mod Apk 9.1 (Free Upgrades)

Arrow Fest
App Name Arrow Fest
Genre Action
Developer Rollic Games
Size 114MB
Latest Version 9.1
Mod info Free Upgrades
Update December 10, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Arrow Fest

Arrow Fest is a game that offers you the experience of conquering speed with really beautiful arrows. In most cases, when people think of games involving speed, they primarily think of racing games. However, today I want to introduce a game that gives you the feeling of conquering speed with arrows. This is a fun game in which arrows of varying colors have to fly very quickly in order to progress through increasingly difficult levels. In order to be effective when using arrows as a weapon against adversaries, you will need to bring both a high level of skill and a quickness of reaction. Find out more about Arrow Fest by reading the article that's been provided below.

Introducing Arrow Fest

The gameplay in Arrow Fest is straightforward but not less attractive, and the game is designed to provide you with the best enjoyable experiences possible. You will be equipped with arrow bars, and your sole mission will be to bring the total number of available arrows up to their maximum capacity so that you can eliminate a large number of foes from a distance. You only need to keep a close eye on what's going on and make sure the arrow is pointed in the appropriate direction. Also, don't forget to get a handle on the arrows' speed so you can quickly get in position to shoot the opponent.


You have to guide the arrows through as many doors as you possibly can if you want to increase the quantity of arrows. When you have a lot of arrows, the game will move more quickly and present more of a challenge to you in order to boost the game's appeal. Along the path, there will also be numerous challenges that make it difficult for you. To overcome these challenges, please maintain your focus and react fast. You will earn coins, just like in regular games, and you can put those coins into upgrading your arrows so that they become more powerful.

Mastering Arrow Speed

Simply swiping to the left or right will allow you to change the arrows' course, it will entirely obey the direction of your control hand. Hence your control is crucial, if you steer it in the wrong direction, it will vanish. This will result in a drop in the quantity of arrows and failure, as well as you need to start accumulating arrows from the beginning. The arrows are grouped together and launched simultaneously, the more arrows there are, the more difficult it will be to control.

You need to keep your attention on the course that the arrows are taking and make sure that you are heading in the appropriate way. Players will need a lot of practice if you want to be able to play Arrow Fest skillfully because it's a gameplay that focuses on observation and speed control.


Increase the Number of Arrows.

Coins in the game are a very crucial role in helping you raise the number of arrows significantly, so try to collect as many as possible. Attackers always emerge in a variety of locations on each stage, the more arrows you have, the more beneficial you will be. The deeper you travel, the more challenging opponents you will face, such as giants; if your amount of arrows is limited, it will be difficult to beat. You will also encounter some assistance along the route, such as gateways with addition - subtraction - multiplication - division. Carefully choose the correct doorway to send the arrow through to earn bonus points.

Attractive User Interface

Players are drawn in not only by the straightforwardness of the game's mechanics, but also by the scene in Arrow Fest, which is extremely cheery and adorable. In addition, the music that plays in the background while gameplay is highly lively, which helps to generate an engaging experience for the player. Try out this fun game that is guaranteed to make you feel fresh and different emotions, and you will find that there are many interesting features waiting for you to find and uncover.

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