Asian Cooking Star Mod Apk v1.49.0 (Unlimited Money)

Asian Cooking Star
App Name Asian Cooking Star
Genre Arcade
Developer TheAppGuruz
Size 110MB
Latest Version v1.49.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 08, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Asian Cooking Star

If you have a special passion for Asian cuisine but can't afford to spend hours in the kitchen preparing it, Asian Cooking Star will give you the opportunity to do it. Here, you will be provided with a wonderful kitchen full of super professional cooking tools, and you will not be limited to not finding the ingredients you want. In addition, the diverse recipes also make the game more attractive. Let's discover what makes this game interesting in the article below.

Asian Cooking Star MOD APK

Asian Cooking Star is a fascinating cooking game from TheAppGuruz publisher that offers the ideal environment for people wishing to learn more about Asian cuisine. You will learn about numerous distinctive and traditional foods of each nation in the region as well as the feeling of fast cooking at Asian restaurants here.


The enthusiastic cooking atmosphere of this game promises to make you completely immersed and enjoy the fun to the fullest. You will see how to prepare, prepare and serve each country, such as Japan, China, India, and the Middle East... will have different colors. The game will provide a series of exciting challenges to fulfill your goal of becoming a culinary master specializing in Asian Cuisine. Get ready to explore the cooking madness and become a true super chef.

Become a Talented Chef

Asian Cooking Star will require you to take orders from guests and prepare ingredients, cook and serve various dishes from Japan, China, Thailand, India, the Middle East, Korea, etc. When you first start playing, you may be surprised to realize that the game's pace is quite fast. However, this game knows how to balance that when it has simplified the recipes to help you complete orders faster, easier, and more accurately.

This game offers players hundreds of attractive levels for them to experience comfortably. The higher you go, the denser the frequency of requests from diners to the restaurant and the more demanding guests you will meet. Therefore, to please them, not only will you have to spend more time on preparation and cooking, but you will also have to calculate the time carefully so that the next order is not delayed, causing loss. pleased with other customers. Being a good chef is not an easy task, is it?


Rich Recipe Collection

Each level in this game offers a very varied system of recipes for you to try. You will find some recipes for popular Asian dishes such as dim sum (China), Sushi (Japan), Naan Roti (India), and Pad Thai (Thailand). The game's publisher has streamlined each of these recipes so players may prepare meals in record time while maintaining the intricacy of fine-dining fare. Additionally, you'll need to develop the skills necessary to prepare various meals, including light breakfasts, quick lunches, and robust dinners, as well as quick snacks, savory appetizers, and desserts.

Realistic Food Images Will Make You Feel Hungry

Asian Cooking Star is skilled at creating visuals of foods and ingredients that are both vivid and detailed enough to make players feel hungry. In addition, the lively soundtrack that the game's publisher created will make you feel like cooking for your visitors will go faster and be more intense. You will particularly take pleasure in several alluring sound effects when customers order, when the food is prepared and presented to customers, when customers pay, etc. Thanks to this, your gaming experience will undoubtedly become more engaging than ever.


Download Asian Cooking Star MOD APK

Asian Cooking Star is a fast-paced cooking simulation game that's easy to top and hard to play. With design and an understanding of Asian cuisine, the game offers players lifelike decorations and colorful dishes. Begin your culinary journey by recording your own recipes and culinary experiences in an excellent cooking journal. Get Asian Cooking Star now and enjoy this incredibly thrilling entertainment on your phone.

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