AZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk 5.9.15 (VIP Unlocked)

AZ Screen Recorder
App Name AZ Screen Recorder
Genre Video Players & Editors
Developer AZ Screen Recorder
Size 13MB
Latest Version 5.9.15
Mod info VIP Unlocked
Update December 23, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of AZ Screen Recorder

Everyone is familiar with the video editing tools, but have you found yourself a photo editing tool that lives up to your expectations? Allow me to introduce you to AZ Screen Recorder, a video editing app that is both entirely trustworthy and of a very high quality. Users are drawn to AZ Screen Recorder by its numerous helpful functions as well as its intriguing effects, which enable users to produce a wide variety of unique videos that may be personalized in any way they see fit. This application will not end there; in addition to video recording and editing, you will also be able to gain a great deal of other information and abilities. Read the article below to better understand AZ Screen Recorder.

Introducing AZ Screen Recorder


AZ Screen Recorder is a video editing application made by the same name's publisher; it is a tool that is thought to be an excellent companion for you. It will collaborate with you to make a variety of videos with varying topics. You'll be able to make as many clips as you like with a range of music and visuals, enhancing the beauty of the moments around you in every clip. AZ Screen Recorder has all of the tools you need to make professional-looking adjustments.

AZ Screen Recorder allows you to rapidly capture and share moments with loved ones. Simply hit the video icon, and the screen will be captured automatically. After that, the video and photo files will be saved to the phone's memory. You can distribute the files in a variety of methods, including social networking sites and YouTube.

Video Recording is a Breeze

When you launch the application, a button depicting a camera will  appear on the home screen of your device. If you tap that symbol, you will be able to record the screen whenever you wish. You can generate innumerable unique clips in only a few minutes, and you have the ability to toggle the sound on and off during the video, as well as draw on the image in any way you see fit.


You do not need expert abilities to quickly become acquainted with this video editing application and its functions. AZ Screen Recorder's straightforward interface and user-friendly tools make it possible for you to produce high-quality videos without requiring you to go through many complicated tasks.

Superior Clarity and Resolution

Videos should always have clear images in the foreground, if the video quality is too low and the images are blurry, the substance of the video will not be noticeable. However, you no longer need to be concerned about this because AZ Screen Recorder guarantees to deliver full HD quality along with excellent resolution.

You can use the many tools that are available in AZ Screen Recorder to aid you in accomplishing a wide variety of preferences. You can delete unneeded videos, combine multiple clips into one, and add icons to the finished product. In particular, you have the ability to adjust the audio that is included in the video thanks to the helpful tools that are included in AZ Screen Recorder. You can now produce videos that are more colorful and eye-catching than ever before.

Livestream Functionality

The livestream will likely stick out to you as one of the most useful aspects of the application. Because of this advanced function, you are able to simultaneously record a live stream of your screen for other people to view and engage in conversation with a large number of other participants. In addition to having a consistent and smooth playback speed for live streams, AZ Screen Recorder also offers the recording of camera footage. Thanks to that, you'll be able to capture your true expressions and keep precious memories forever.

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