Badminton Legend Mod Apk 3.8.5081 (Unlimited Money)

Badminton Legend
App Name Badminton Legend
Genre Sports
Developer Enjoysports
Size 50MB
Latest Version 3.8.5081
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 20, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Badminton Legend

If you love badminton but can't afford daily practice, why not download and immerse yourself in epic badminton action with Badminton League's engaging gameplay? This is a fascinating badminton simulation game from the publisher RedFish Games with intuitive controls, allowing you to compete with the best opponents in the world through dramatic tournaments. Learn more about this great mobile game in our review.

Badminton Legend MOD APK

On the market today, Badminton League is considered one of the most prominent simulation sports games. This is proven through the positive reviews players have left for this game since its launch until now. 


In this game, players will have the opportunity to transform into a professional badminton players and challenge themselves through a series of epic sports challenges. Enjoy realistic badminton simulation gameplay by challenging new opponents to matches. 

With each level increase, you will face more and more difficulties. So don't forget to progress your characters by upgrading and enhancing their abilities, collecting new gear and accessories, progressing through the game, and becoming a top player on the leaderboard. 

Become a Professional Badminton Player With Simple Manipulations

Basically, when participating in Badminton Legend, you will have to start as an amateur athlete and gradually progress to the professional level by defeating all opponents and winning the title. Olympic badminton champion, bring glory to your country. The matches of this game are head-to-head, which means you'll be playing against any opponent (or AI). Whoever gets 5 points first wins. So every set is important if you want to be the overall winner. 

This game offers fairly simple console fighting gameplay, suitable for players of all ages. The on-screen skill buttons are clearly designed, so you don't have to press them by mistake, and they don't take up too much space on your screen.


Although it is simple, it does not mean everything will be easy. To win, you need to stay focused, react quickly and read your opponent's intentions. By observing his movements, you can tell where he will aim.

Continuously Train and Upgrade Your Athletes

In sports competitions, besides skill, physical strength is also an important factor that athletes need to meet if they want to win. This game offers a Training mode, which allows you to build endurance and improve your techniques simultaneously. There are 3 stats that athletes need to improve Endurance, Technique, and Agility.

In addition, the game has a variety of costumes, accessories, and sports shoes for you to choose from. Therefore, do not forget to equip your athletes with the best equipment to serve the tournament.

Enjoy Exciting Game Modes


publisher RedFish knows how to make Badminton Legend even more attractive by providing a wide range of badminton tournament modes at all levels, including Match, World Super Cup, Tournament, 1vs1, and Training. Besides, you should not miss the World Cup Superseries, where you will be competing in real-time with players around the globe. This tournament is not inferior to the Olympics when it will honor the top players in the world rankings. 

Simple Graphics Suitable for a Sports Game

Badminton League is built in a simple and neat 2D graphic style. When participating in the game, you will see the images of characters and objects described in a very concise but full of detail. This is quite reasonable as it makes it easier for players to focus on intense matches instead of redundant details in the background. Even so, you will still experience very smooth physics and movements with no lag. As a result, this game is suitable for most mobile devices today, including some devices with weak or medium configurations.

Download Badminton League MOD APK

If you are a sports lover and especially badminton, you should not ignore Badminton Legend. This game promises to bring you the experience of world-class badminton matches through realistic simulation gameplay with exciting features. Get ready to go to the playing field and bring glory to your country. Become a professional badminton player, and your name will be saved on the global leaderboard.

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