Ball Blast Mod Apk 1.92 (Unlimited Coins)

Ball Blast
App Name Ball Blast
Genre Arcade
Developer VOODOO
Size 77MB
Latest Version 1.92
Mod info Unlimited Coins
Update December 13, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Ball Blast

Voodoo is a developer that is no longer a stranger to Android or iOS users when it has launched many fun games such as Crowd City, Cube Surfer, etc. Today, another title that is no less attractive than its predecessors that we want to introduce to you is Ball Blast, a fun game that promises to bring relaxing and addictive moments to players.

Simple Game but A Lot of Fun

Ball Blast is a suitable choice for anyone looking for effective entertainment that offers addictive boisterous action gameplay. The task of the players instead of punching or shooting, with Ball Blast, users only need to control the cannon platform to break the floating balloons into crumbs.


The game has a level system with increasing difficulty with a series of challenges. The rules of the game are quite simple, players need to quickly move the cannon just to avoid the ball falling. Although it does not require much skill, you should not lose focus if you do not want to make mistakes because if you let the ball fall, you have to start over.

Outstanding Features and Minus Points

It can be said that Voodoo always has endless inspiration about round balls, it is not difficult to find their images from old products of this developer like Rolly Vortex or Dune, etc. Although just adjusting the ball, the fun they bring is undeniably highly addictive. In particular, Ball Blast also has numbers that will bring excitement to those who like to calculate. This promises to bring many interesting things.


The More Balls You Break, the More Points You Score

Ball Blast is an endless running game, i.e. the balls will keep falling. The task of gamers is to control a mobile cannon to shoot down enemies. The operation in the game is quite simple, you just need to drag your finger to the side to move then, the enemy will fall from the sky and bring different numbers. The more players hit the ball, the less the number will decrease until it reaches zero, and the ball will explode. In the end, they will drop gold coins.

However, things are not as smooth as you think. The ball will not stay still and it has strong elasticity, meaning that when it hits the ground it will bounce and continue to fall. Therefore, be careful if it splits in half and falls on your head.

In Ball Blast, the balls are small but have several times the number of normal balls. Surprisingly, many player losses are caused by these small balls. Therefore, you need to be alert to master your game.

When a certain number of points are won, the players will unlock the next level. After that, the difficulty will increase gradually with the level. The higher the level of play, the more balls appear and move faster.


Outdated Graphic and No Sound

This is a 2D game, which means its graphics are pretty outdated. The balls are designed in monochromatic colors with a rather monotonous background behind them. However, the bouncing movement of the balls will still make you feel satisfied. In general, all movements are very smooth with no jerky phenomenon. This feature is a big plus besides the rather boring graphics, making it easy for players to have a fun experience.

Unfortunately, another down point is that the game has no sound effects, players can only choose between two modes: silent or vibrate. This factor is also a minus point that easily makes the game less attractive.

Download Now!

Although the gameplay and graphics are not too explosive compared to other ball game genres, there is no denying the attraction that Ball Blast brings. This game promises to give you ultimate relaxation moments. Hence, what are you waiting for? Download now and take on exciting quests!

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