Battle of Warships Mod Apk 1.72.12 (Unlimited Money)

Battle of Warships
App Name Battle of Warships
Genre Action
Developer MobileGDC
Size 125.6MB
Latest Version 1.72.12
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 22, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Battle of Warships

Battle of Warships simulates sea battles with modern warships. You and your teammates will be participating in the PvP game with the best weapons equipped on every battleship. You can use binoculars to pinpoint the exact location of the enemy to initiate the attack. Therefore, to avoid losing, it is best to prepare a specific battle plan.

Participate in Lifelike Battles

Battle of Warships promises to give you the feeling of a real navy. You can control warships, find enemies, and choose attack targets. At the same time, there are many mountains that help you avoid the onslaught of enemies. Therefore, you need to have a correct strategy not to lose. If careless, your boat may burn.


Build Your Battleship and Fight Hard

First, you can choose the flag you want, helping your battleship stand out in battles. However, this is also harmful because you are easily subject to the onslaught of enemies. You can approach the navies of many countries with modern combat equipment. Therefore, whether your flag is included in the ranking depends entirely on the outcome of the battles.

There are many battleships with strong combat power, but it is not easy to get them all. For that, you need to reach a certain level.

In addition, the weapon system is also quite diverse. For example, the first weapon is a secondary type of ammunition, so you need to aim or determine where to shoot. It will then attack enemies from a distance. Depending on the distance, the accuracy will vary. Also, torpedoes and support aircraft were very useful for the battle.

Busy can also use mines but moves quite slowly and requires high calculation. It should be noted that the cooldown of different weapons so you will shoot more bullets. At the same time, there will be support planes constantly targeting the enemy to assist you.


Moreover, there are many battlefield areas, and you can move the ship to any place to complete the level. When you stay in a fixed place, it will endanger your warship. Therefore, you should attack the opponent's ship by constantly moving to avoid taking significant damage. Otherwise, your battleship can be quickly destroyed. Constantly moving will help your ship take less damage.

Besides, the weather system is also added, bringing an exciting experience. This is understandable because when you play in the same model and weather for a long time, you get bored quickly. Therefore, when the weather changes, it will bring you new experiences. Especially, most of the players fought in the rain and wind accompanied by thunderstorms.

A highlight of the game is that you can chat with other players to exchange experiences. However, currently, the system in the game only supports English.

Vivid Graphics and Sound


Graphics are high-quality 3D and highly realistic. At the same time, Battle of Warships is also compatible with all mobile devices. Every object, ship, space, and weather has sharp graphics, providing an engaging experience for players. In addition, the attack sound is consistent with the visual evolution, and everything is well-optimized.

Download the Game and Have Fun!

You will be able to immerse yourself in the ocean, where mountains or glaciers cover the game with classic battles fully equipped. You need to focus so that your warship does not sink. Quickly join the navy and make it mighty!

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