BattleOps Mod Apk 1.4.14 (Unlimited Money, Dumb Enemy)

App Name BattleOps
Genre Adventure
Developer Quiet inc
Size 250MB
Latest Version 1.4.14
Mod info Unlimited Money, Dumb Enemy
Update December 22, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of BattleOps

You can't ignore BattleOps from publisher Techouse Games if you want to get a sense of what it's like to be a genuine soldier in the middle of the conflict. This is a very well-liked action role-playing game among a lot of different gamers. You will assume the character of a soldier, and your mission will be to retake control of each strategically significant military zone and facility that has been taken over by the adversary. In addition to this, you have access to a large quantity of high-quality weapons, such as armor and firearms, which will assist you in quickly destroying any adversaries that stand in your way. To have a better grasp on this first-person shooter action game,  reading the article that follows.

Introducing BattleOps: War of the Soldiers


BattleOps is based on the theme of warfare, which is certainly not an unfamiliar genre to us at this point; nonetheless, the game does promise to deliver a greater degree of gameplay difficulty as well as fantastic new features.

The world of BattleOps is one that has been severely damaged by conflict. It would appear that the regulations are no longer being adhered to in this globe. The armed forces revolted and split into different factions with the intention of taking control of the entire world. The players will assume the roles of mercenaries, who are members of an elite military force. As soon as you get out of the coma, you will be given the mission of infiltrating the enemy stronghold to search for weapons and eliminate the foes inside.

You will be taken to a new region with brand new objectives if you have completed a certain amount of the goals that have been given to you.Try to be a mighty soldier and carry the mission through to its conclusion.



As a soldier, one of your primary responsibilities is to retake every vital military  zone that is currently held by the adversary. Because they are spread out over the city, you will have to engage in combat in each of these regions in turn.

You are able to execute most of the actions that you would in real battle, such as loading rounds, running, jumping over obstacles, throwing bombs, utilizing scopes, and so on. The control system of the game has been built with a great deal of attention to detail. BattleOps also includes support for auto-fire, which enables you to attack your foes more quickly while maintaining a high level of precision.

Diverse Arsenal

Publisher Techouse Games has given players access to a large number of high-quality weaponry, guaranteeing that you will feel happy with the variety of your arsenal. Along with a significant amount of firepower, BattleOps contains a wide variety of guns that were employed during the conflict. You are free to select the weapon that best suits your needs, whether it be one that allows you to aim precisely or one that deals a lot of damage.


In addition, you have the option to upgrade the weapon system, which will both increase your control and the amount of damage you deal. While completing objectives in the game, you will have opportunities to acquire materials and cash that may be used to enhance your weapons.

Exciting New Game Mode

Story mode, campaign mode, and multiplayer mode are the three different playable facets of the BattleOps video game. It is not necessary to have a network connection in order to experience the game; but, as your teammates are the artificial intelligence of the game, it will be challenging to interact with each other and help each other out during combat.

In general, BattleOps features a gameplay that may be described as being fairly varied. You can experience first-person shooter shooting in a variety of ways, let's show your skills in this intense war.

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