Beach Buggy Racing Mod Apk 2022.08.30 (Unlimited Money)

Beach Buggy Racing
App Name Beach Buggy Racing
Genre Racing
Developer Vector Unit
Size 80MB
Latest Version 2022.08.30
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 09, 2022 (3 months ago)

Description of Beach Buggy Racing

If you want a game to entertain family and friends on the weekend, then Beach Buggy Racing will be a great choice. This action game will give you a realistic racing experience with a fleet of supercars to customize to conquer many difficult terrains. Thrilling races will become a lot more interesting if you compete with your loved ones and share the best entertainment moments together.

Beach Buggy Racing: Explore the Most Crazy Race Ever

Beach Buggy Racing from Vector Unit studio will give you a nostalgic feeling of the racing game that once stormed on PC and Playstation 1 in the past, Chocobo Racing. Following the success of its predecessor, Beach Buggy Blitz, Beach Buggy Racing promises to increase your entertainment experience through upgraded graphics, gameplay, and exciting features.


This game possesses simple gameplay and is not much different from the racing games on the market today. Your main task is to control your car skillfully, accelerate quickly, outrun the pursuing opponents, and reach the finish line first. There are no police or traffic rules here, and you can freely show off your top driving skills.

However, the highlight of this game lies in the shape of the cars. The world of this game is a world full of monsters, and they will combine with the vehicles you control to form the most impressive cars you have ever seen. So naturally, that will increase the races' creativity and make them crazier than ever.

Unlock Power-ups and Unique Appearances

The power-up skills attached to the monster cars will also give the driver more advantages over the opponents. You can fire rockets, teleport or use other skills to confuse the enemy and force him to slow down. Therefore, you can use your reward to unlock and upgrade various vehicles and more powerful power-ups.


As you progress to the following levels, the game's difficulty will increase accordingly. You will face Bosses with increasing danger levels. Hence, you have to improve your skills to avoid obstacles and upgrade the ability of the power-ups to compete fairly with the Boss of the game.

Compete With Your Friends

The great news for your group of friends is that this game allows connecting up to 4 devices and the same TV screen. This allows the game to behave like an actual Playstation, with the ability to split the screen into four so that all your friends can enjoy the thrilling race together across the same screen.

However, this feature is only available in the Premium version, and you will need cash to unlock it.

Outstanding Race Tracks With Quality 3D Graphics

You can conquer 12 various tracks in Beach Buggy Racing. They originate from the design team's most imaginative concepts to offer a distinctive perspective on the world of monsters. You can participate in dinosaur races on stunning beaches, through treacherous bogs, or explore sand races.


Besides, realistic 3D imaging technology will complement your races in this game. The automobile wrecks will intensify to the maximum extent if it rains, and you will be able to see every drop of water that falls on the screen.

Download Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK

Although known as a traditional racing game, you can discover many new things in Beach Buggy Racing. This place will take you to thrilling races with realistic 3D graphics but no less fun through the shaping of racing vehicles. Download Beach Buggy Racing to your mobile device and immediately experience the unique features this game offers.

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