Beast Quest Mod Apk 1.0.6 (Unlimited Golds/Coins/Potions)

Beast Quest
App Name Beast Quest
Genre RPG
Developer Animoca Brands
Size 39MB
Latest Version 1.0.6
Mod info Unlimited Golds/Coins/Potions
Update December 22, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Beast Quest

You will have the opportunity to participate in an epic action adventure in a huge open world. Your mission is to fight dangerous enemies and confront giant monsters. However, you will be the only warrior in the game, so are you ready to fight and protect the world? Let's dig deeper into the features and missions you will encounter on your way to battle!

Become a Hero to Save the Land of Happiness

The land of Avantia is famous for its magic and mysticism, where everyone lives happily together. However, one day a self-proclaimed evil witch cast a spell, causing many monsters to come back to life. Since then, a terrifying battle has broken out between humans and monsters. Therefore, your mission is to do whatever it takes to resist the invasion from many evil forces to repel all the monsters.


Exciting Quests and Features

It's time to explore snowy peaks or sandy beaches, searching for ancient artifacts and lost treasures. Meanwhile, you also need to do interesting supernatural quests. You can move around with virtual keys, attack enemies with attacks or perform dodge phases and cast spells.

In Beast Quest, the fighting is quite interesting, meaning that each battle is individual. You will attack each monster to defeat them, note that they will have their own blood bar and so will you. Therefore, do not let your blood bar run out, or you will die and be destroyed. Use attacks to dodge and deal damage to monsters.

In addition, you will defeat powerful bosses to level up. Therefore, before confronting the next boss, you should rest and prepare the best fighting spirit. Therefore, you should have a good understanding of the boss's attack style, except you have some kind of superpower. At the same time, note that the bosses' attacks are powerful and can deal significant damage. However, this does not mean that you have to fear them.


Once the enemies become stronger, especially in the next levels, you will face them all. You need to collect weapons like swords, shields, armor, shoes, etc., to increase their power. Each weapon will have a distinct feature, and you can defeat any monster. So don't forget to earn resources to upgrade weapons regularly!

Graphics Bring High Immersiveness

In terms of graphics, Beast Quest is equipped with a large open world, offering many different terrains. This brings excitement and leaves a great impression on players as you can freely explore and show off your fighting skills to bring peace to the land of Avantia.

The design details are also specific. Such as sandy beaches, snowy peaks, Stonewin volcano, etc., everything is depicted very realistically, making your treasure hunt more dramatic. Therefore, undeniably the graphics are also a big plus that makes this game so popular.


A True Masterpiece Worth Discovering

Beast Quest is a great combination of game genres with high role-play. Your mission is not just fighting, but during the adventure, you can pick up herbs, and search for treasures or resources to upgrade your weapons. The battle system in the game is also very interesting, allowing you to fight using simple gestures on the screen. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly become a hero to protect the world from evil. Download the game now and enjoy this masterpiece!

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