Beatstar Mod Apk (Allways Perfect, High Score)

App Name Beatstar
Genre Music
Developer Space Ape
Size 163MB
Latest Version
Mod info Allways Perfect, High Score
Update December 20, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Beatstar

If you are tired of listening to music normally, why not download Beatstar and immerse yourself in exciting songs while experiencing the new generation of modern music games? This is considered a stylish rhythm game for music lovers, where you can immerse yourself in the tunes and, at the same time, test your musical taste in a fun and lively way. Learn more about this fun game in our review.

Beatstar - Touch Your Music

Beatstar is a music gaming application of the publisher Space Ape. This game is considered a tool to help players relax most effectively when it optimally combines elements: entertainment, fun with friends, and loads of attractive music.


Here, you will enjoy the songs of famous artists while completing the level perfectly. The gameplay of this game is straightforward but requires players to have accurate rhythm skills to be able to pass the levels. There will be a lot of elements appearing before your eyes, and you have to match them correctly so as not to miss anything. In addition, the game offers a diverse number of songs that can fully satisfy the entertainment needs of any player. Let's take a look at the main features of Beatstar.

Overcoming the Challenge While Enjoying the Music

Beatstar gives you very interesting gameplay that allows you to experience inspirational music and challenging levels. At the start of the game, you will see a screen with three lines, and at the end of these lines, there will be a bar with Word Perfect. You must ensure that no element passes through the bar without being matched. In other words, if an element passes the Word Perfect bar, you are forced to stop the game.

Also, like many other rhythm games, you will need to deal with the outputs with different symbols. For example, the horizontal line icon, the one with the tail, requires you to make an exact match and hold down until its tail disappears completely, or the arrow icon forces you to swipe it in one direction Specifically.


Overall, the gameplay of this game is easy to understand but requires player skill. The difficulty will increase gradually with the level. Let's test your ability to feel the rhythm through attractive levels here.

Modern Music Collection With High Quality

Besides being a gaming application, Beatstar is also considered a collection of the latest songs of today's great artists. Here you can find any music you love in the app's music feature. No matter what trend you're after, just turn on this game's music collection, and you'll have it all. Of course, all songs are provided with the highest sound quality so you can have the most optimal experience while gaming.

However, each song has its own difficulty level that you will need to consider choosing. They will all have a rating bar, and you will need to fill that bar to collect different stars. The best way to pass is to start perfecting your skills through songs of basic difficulty and gradually raise them.

Enjoy The Game In Your Style


One of the factors that make this game stand out from other rhythm games on the market is that it offers a feature that allows you to master the rhythm of your favorite songs. In other words, you can change the tune, follow the rhythm of the main song, or create entirely new content to your liking by tapping and swiping on instruments, vocals, or rhythms. It's like you're listening and tapping the piano keys in rhythm games that kids used to play in the old days.

Get ready to discover and enjoy the hits of your gods in your own style for the best entertainment moments. This will be like you are attending an epic Coachella music festival.

Download Beatstar MOD APK

Beatstar, an application that can both listen to music and play to the rhythm, promises to bring you the most meaningful relaxing moments. Overall, through the game's unique features, it can certainly satisfy your borderless musical passion in the most modern and attractive way.

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