Bed Wars Mod Apk 2.7.8 (No)

Bed Wars
App Name Bed Wars
Genre Action
Developer Blockman GO studio
Size 110M
Latest Version 2.7.8
Mod info No
Update December 22, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Bed Wars

When it comes to the Blockman GO brand, most users will probably remember the games with the block design and funny pixel graphics it produces, such as Egg Wars, Sky Wars, Jail Break, Sky Block, Hide & Seek, and Blockman Go. In this article, we will continue introducing you to Bed Wars, the publisher's most entertaining mobile game with a unique theme. Let's see how great it is. 

About Bed Wars


Bed Wars is a fun and funny style action game developed by Blockman GO Studio in 2018. This game has proven its strong appeal by being certified as Block individually and simultaneously owning more than 50 million downloads on mobile platforms. It's amazing, isn't it?

Although this game still carries the familiar square color block design like the games that Blockman GO produces, it is more special in that it provides a hilarious playing context with interesting gameplay. It may sound strange, but your main task in the game will only revolve around protecting your base, which is a bed. The game will provide a full range of features and weapons so you can combine them with your talents, fight to break other people's beds, and protect yourself simultaneously. Of course, the last bed left wins the match. 

">Fight To Protect Your Bedbed-wars-mod-apk

Bed Wars can be considered a miniature version of Minecraft with the content "bed." However, you will experience gameplay that seems much more relaxed and less volatile. It's basically a Bed guard game played in PvP style between four different teams. Each group has the task of going to a different island. Each island will contain resources and a bed, which you and your teammates need to do your best to protect from destruction. 

The match will start when the “beng” sound is played. Your team will have to start building a massive bridge of blocks to land on another team's island. Once you have encroached on the field, the biggest task for you and your teammates is to break the other group's bed and protect the bed on your island. 

Remember, in each match, if you die, as long as the bed is still intact, you can still respawn. However, if your bed is broken, death will come to all your team members, with no respawn at all. Whatever you do, always keep an eye on the bed, and don't let enemies approach it.

Take Advantage Of The Game's Resources To Defeat Opponents


Bed Wars provides players with mines of precious materials on each island that they can mine and earn to create battle weapons. 

Iron and gold are the two easiest things to get because they are right on the island, and the quantity is quite large. Having them in hand, you will be able to buy blocks to fence off the bed and craft important weapons like swords. Besides, diamonds and gems can help your team upgrade quickly and protect the bed better. You can also use diamonds to craft heavy support tools such as advanced armor, ore drills, etc. Finally, do not ignore the emeralds because they can help you buy extremely high-end equipment to have more advantages in the life-and-death battle ahead.

Personalize Your Gaming Experience

When playing Bed Wars, you can freely customize everything. You can create character shapes and build bridges and roads anywhere. You can also freely combine melee and ranged weapons that correspond to the roles and missions of each team member. 

In particular, the game will also provide Avatar personalization with hundreds of exciting content such as pets, sword effects, arrow effects, personality, and footprints. Furthermore, You can also purchase various expressions such as Swing, Floss, Banana Tree, Boot, and Gold Chain. They will be the tools to help you look perfect among all the players. 

Download Bed Wars

If you are looking for a dramatic but equally fun fighting game, try Bed Wars now. This bed-themed game will gladly satisfy you through its gameplay and unique features. Promising you will still experience the high-speed Minecraft gameplay while having fun with the context that the game brings.

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