Benji Bananas Mod Apk 1.51 (Unlimited Bananas)

Benji Bananas
App Name Benji Bananas
Genre Adventure
Developer Animoca Brands
Size 32M
Latest Version 1.51
Mod info Unlimited Bananas
Update December 23, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Benji Bananas

You have had a long day of work and stressful studies, and you are seeking for games to entertain you after you get home. Allow me to introduce you to the incredibly intriguing Benji Bananas game. This is the game in which you go on an adventure with the adorable monkey and explore a vibrant new universe. The gameplay of the game is quite light and appealing, which will let you have amazing moments of entertainment throughout the experience. Are you prepared to embark on a journey that will bring you across difficult terrain and present you with severe challenges? Assist the monkey Benji in overcoming all challenges and bringing back an abundance of bananas.

Introducing Benji Bananas: Explore the Jungle


Benji Bananas is a game that was created by the publisher Animoca Brands. The objective of this game is to collect as many bananas as possible for the friend that Benji loves. Players will accompany Benji on his never-ending journey. It will be necessary for you to assist this lovely monkey in overcoming challenges by sprinting, jumping, and swinging on high tree branches. Try your hand at this relaxing Benji Bananas game if games that involve shooting or combat have left you feeling bored.

Despite its simple gameplay, Benji Bananas offers a variety of obstacles. If you don't pay attention, you'll let Benji go over the edge of the cliff. In order to keep Benji safe, you should attempt to lead skillfully to assure Benji's safety.

Controlling the Monkey Benji


The players will take control of Benji and use him to soar through the air before attaching themselves to the ropes. Bananas will continually arrive so control Benji to reach the bananas and maintain a firm grip on the ropes at all times. In order to allow the monkey to touch the rope, you have to keep your finger on the screen. Once the monkey has touched the rope, you can take your finger off the screen, and Benji will soar through the air to gather bananas. However, you must make sure that Benji is secure and that he does not tumble to the ground since the voyage would come to an end if he does.

Adventure With Friends

You will have the opportunity to select from a variety of gameplay options when playing Benji Bananas. You can either play with other players to boost the fun or play with friends to overcome the challenges that Benji Bananas provides. Interacting with other players throughout a game not only prevents you from becoming bored but also makes it simpler to break the game. Come along with Benji and a whole host of other gamers to set new records and engage on exciting adventures.


Alteration of Benji's Attire

In addition to going on an adventure, you will also have the opportunity to change clothing and alter the appearance of your monkey, Benji. You have a wide variety of clothing options to select from, and you can also modify Benji by giving him spectacles or a mask. Additionally, you can groom Benji's lovely girlfriend. Let's dress her to wear gorgeous and elegant outfits. On the other hand, this indicates that if you want your character to wear decent clothes, you will need to gather a significant quantity of bananas. Therefore, make an effort to get together with monkey Benji in order to obtain the maximum number of bananas.

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