Beyblade Burst Rivals Mod Apk 3.11.1 (Unlimited Money/Free Level Up/Tier Up)

Beyblade Burst Rivals
App Name Beyblade Burst Rivals
Genre Puzzle
Developer Epic Story Interactive
Size 293MB
Latest Version 3.11.1
Mod info Unlimited Money/Free Level Up/Tier Up
Update December 20, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Beyblade Burst Rivals

Gyros are always entertaining games to play, and they are never dull in any manner; in addition, they serve as a source of inspiration for the creation of new games and movies. Beyblade Burst Rivals is a game that is more popular than it has ever been since it focuses on powerful spins. This is a game based on the popular Beyblade Burst action movie, and players will put powerful spins on the field and spin to the maximum extent possible. It is impossible to ignore Beyblade Burst Rivals if you are a fan of the well-known Beyblade Burst movie or if you enjoy games that involve gyros. You can have a better understanding of this game by reading the article that follows.

Introducing Beyblade Burst Rivals


Beyblade Burst Rivals is an adaptation of the popular anime series Beyblade Burst. The publisher, Epic Story Interactive, has reconstructed the adventure of the characters in the movie in the most accurate way possible. The most magical spinning bouts are recreated with the highest level of detail, complete with tremendous spins and the path to victory over the adversaries.

This game is designed to be a fast-paced puzzle game that will unquestionably provide you with a number of memorable and enjoyable gaming experiences. You will take on the role of Valt Aoi with his allies as you travel through the game's storyline, undergoing rigorous training and engaging in fierce battles in an effort to become the most powerful Bladers.

The process of giving your gyro the ability to battle is also quite easy; all you have to do is rearrange the wooden blocks that are located below so that it can store energy. When you have accumulated enough energy, your gyro will engage in combat with the other player; the more energy you have, the more powerful your spin will be.


Becoming a strategic player by correctly placing the wooden blocks, then breaking them to be able to produce a large amount of energy in order to win the game and overcome your rival.

Powerful Beyblade Variety

In Beyblade Burst Rivals, you'll have access to a wide variety of different gyro. Each spinner will have a unique set of traits and form according to the various powers and abilities they include. Accumulating enough mana to trigger these spinners' abilities will allow you to use them more effectively in combat. When the gyro is turned on, it will use a move that does a lot of damage against whoever it is facing.

You can acquire these potent spins by either opening the lucky chest or making a purchase in the store. Remember to upgrade them to make them stronger so that they can enhance their protection and optimize their damage, which will make it easier for you to win more battles and increase your overall score.

Exciting 3-Matchup


Playing matches in Beyblade Burst Rivals will take place in a 3-match format whenever you are progressing through the game's levels. This means that you will play three different matches in one single level. It will count as a passing grade if you are victorious in all three of these matches. You will face a different member of the opposing team in each match that you play. Each foe will bring very powerful spinners to the fight; in order to win, you'll need to use all of your spinning skills to their full potential in each round. The key to success in this game is to strategically place the wooden blocks in order to maximize their destruction.

Upgrade Your Blader

In Beyblade Burst Rivals, it is important to amass valuable things because doing so will allow you to level up and grow more powerful. For instance, if you open mystery boxes, you will obtain a large number of rare spinning tops to collect and use. Each spinner will come equipped with its own unique set of functions; you can gather them and improve them to make yourself and your allies more powerful additional entries in the matches. Participating in the weekly tournaments will also allow you to win significant prizes. As soon as you amass a significant number of the game's strongest gyros, your power will be at the pinnacle of the battle.

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