Big Hunter Mod Apk 2.9.11 (Unlimited Currency)

Big Hunter
App Name Big Hunter
Genre Action
Developer Kakarod Interactive
Size 89MB
Latest Version 2.9.11
Mod info Unlimited Currency
Update December 20, 2022 (3 months ago)

Description of Big Hunter

Are you curious about things that have to do with the stone age? If you are interested in finding a game with this theme, then today I would like to introduce you to Big Hunter, a video game published by Kakarod Interactive that focuses on hunting big game in primeval.  You will enter the realm of the stone age as you play this game, which features gameplay that is incredibly innovative and original. You will undergo a transformation into a primitive indigenous person who is armed with crude weapons, and you will then proceed to kill dangerous and enormous creatures. It does sound exciting and interesting, doesn't it? You can have a better understanding of Big Hunter by reading the article that follows.

Introducing Big Hunter: Hunt Big Animals


The story of the game will transport you back in time to an ancient society that inhabited a cave deep in the wilderness. Because there is no food available, the local aborigines are starving to death, and the chief of the tribe has no choice but to get up and go hunt for some creatures. You will take on the role of a leader in order to save the entire tribe's members from dying  of starvation. You will only have access to primitive weapons like spears and axes throughout this time period. And as you are aware, the animals that lived during the Stone Age will be exceedingly enormous and dangerous, such as mammoths, rhinos, bears, dinosaurs, and other similar creatures.

Big Hunter is a relatively new game, yet it is straightforward for beginners to get started with. You only have to make some adjustments to the angle and have it perfectly aligned in order for the spear to hit the vital areas on the animal. You are going to need a lot of practice to avoid the powerful strikes that these animals will throw at you. The majority of the animals are quite large, and as a result, you stand a good chance of perishing if you get attacked by one of them. In addition, because the enormous beasts are attacking with such ferocity, the point of the spear might be thrown back at you, which would create a great deal of difficulty for you. Demonstrate your abilities in this game to become a competent hunter.


Several Levels of Play

Big Hunter features a variety of difficulty levels for players to progress through. Each level will represent a unique beast with its own distinct set of offensive patterns. In order for you to become accustomed to the movements and attacks, the beginning may consist of killing relatively easy creatures such as chickens or dogs. The next level will then steadily become harder as you progress through the different species. For instance, after a few levels, there will be a large rhinoceros with pointy horns that may pierce your guts, or a dinosaur with huge jaws that can devour you whole. Both of these enemies have the potential to kill you easily. Furthermore, the mammoth, a famous primeval mammal with a heliotrope that can knock down hundreds of trees, will make it extremely tough for you to go through the screen.

Weapons are Crucial in Big Hunter

Weapons are an essential item to have in order to eliminate the threat posed by these creatures. The game developer Big Hunter has given players access to hundreds of different types of ancient weaponry. These weapons range from the most basic, such as pebbles, daggers, and boomerangs, to the most powerful, such as bows and arrows, pipes, and spears. The amount of damage and impact caused by each weapon will be distinct. If you want to aim precisely with these weapons, you'll need to learn how to control their flight path.


Lovely and Intriguing Graphics

Big Hunter's character design is pretty amusing and cute, depicting an Aboriginal leader as realistically as possible. Brocade motifs on clothes, weapons, and hair all recall a true Aboriginal person. The game's graphics are simple but appealing and close to the player. Big Hunter has fun, bustle, and humor as a result of the bouncing movements and the roaring sounds of the animals.

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