Blades of Brim Mod Apk v2.19.35 (Mega Menu, Money, God Mode)

Blades of Brim
App Name Blades of Brim
Genre Action
Developer SYBO Games
Size 152M
Latest Version v2.19.35
Mod info Mega Menu, Money, God Mode
Update December 22, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Blades of Brim

What are your thoughts on the experience of playing a game that involves a combination of magic and never-ending running? You don't need to look any further because Blades of Brim is going to provide you with the best entertaining moments as well as all of the most fascinating and enchanted elements. The publisher SYBO Games has created a game that brings Endless run style while also presenting you with a variety of surprising things. Let's investigate what it is about Blades of Brim that draws in such a large number of players.

Introducing Blades of Brim


The world of Blades of Brim is a place where warriors congregate, and they compete against one another to see who can run the most distance. You will quickly become aware of the fact that the setting of the game is a mythological realm due to the fact that there are a lot of made-up monsters here. Your mission is to run for the maximum possible amount of time and distance. Because the running track is set in a fantastic fantasy world, there is no way that it will be calm there at any point because monsters will arise out of nowhere to cause problems. You will run on three different running tracks that are very much like the famous video game Subway Surfers.

Monsters will also overwhelm you and make it impossible for you to move; if you are caught by them, the game is finished for you. The most efficient way to deal with them is to slash at them with the sword that you are holding. The more you run far, the greater the number of creatures that will come. As a result, the combination of actions such as sprinting, jumping, and killing foes will undoubtedly provide you with a great deal of difficulty.


Since the mechanism of the game is an endless run with no stops, try to run as far as possible and eliminate anything that stands in your way. Of course, in addition to running, you had to engage in combat with a wide variety of adversaries. Powerful bosses will stop you from reaching certain goals. Destroy them all with your magical power, clear the way of obstructions, and run as far as you can.

Upgrade the Weapon

Along the road, there will be a variety of different items that you can acquire in order to either unlock other warriors to run with you or enhance your weapons in order to fight creatures more quickly and effectively. There are also uncommon resources like magic powder and monster fangs that can assist you in the creation of a shield that will protect you while you are fleeing from the attacks of the adversary.

Alter the Look of the Character


Blades of Brim has characters with amusingly cartoonish designs, which gives players a unique experience and encourages them to continue playing the game so they can meet more characters. You have the option of changing the clothes worn by the characters, which will result in a more distinctive and eye-catching appearance. To unlock new warriors, you need to collect a significant number of gold coins.Each warrior has a distinct appearance and incredibly interesting abilities.

Vivid Graphics

Blades of Brim is a dynamic setting that is continuously updated with magnificent new vistas of the mystical world. The warrior characters are beautifully, painstakingly, and lavishly made. Their movements are also rhythmic and lively. Completely sets the stage for one of the best endless run games.

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