Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Wednesday, 07/12/2022 16:04 PM

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Technology development has pushed the need for smartphone photo editing higher than ever. Everyone wants to edit beautiful, artistic, and professional photos easily, right on their mobile device. With the vast improvement in the functionality of smartphone photo editing apps, you are free to choose from a wide selection of excellent and efficient app options to use on your Android device on the Google Play store.

Today's article will introduce you to 5 applications that we think are the best for editing smartphone images. Despite the great features of the apps we're going to introduce, they don't deliver as high performance when compared to professional photo editing apps for PC. Even so, they still provide a great set of tools for you to edit your precious photos like a pro.

Best photo editing apps for Android

Five of the best photo editing apps for Android

Walking around the Internet, you can find many different smartphone photo editing apps. You may feel satisfied or disappointed with the plethora of options available. Anyone wants to use the best apps, but most don't have time to test all the image editing apps before choosing the ideal one for them. That's why today's article will introduce the best photo editing apps for your Android smartphone.


Canva is a great app for creating colorful photos and posters. attractive to attract audience attention for social media campaigns. The application provides thousands of graphic templates and additional visual elements. Canva's library contains flexible, customizable templates that make it easy for users to choose one that fits their design aesthetic and make personalized adjustments. Canva's templates are optimized for popular social media platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and more.

Canva photo editing apps for Android

Using Canva to edit photos is super easy. The application provides a powerful set of tools, helping you to create a unique design within minutes of uploading a photo. Plus, sync lets you collaborate with others on a team on editing your Canva projects. It also provides graphics and filters that you can use in your Instagram story creations.

However, Canva cannot perform as high in image editing as other professional applications for PC. Canva's photo effects are limited to many factors, such as resizing, adjusting colors, and overlaying filters on your photos. To use this app, you also need to create a Canva account.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a rare application in the Adobe ecosystem that offers an easy-to-use set of tools for users to edit images instead of advanced features for professional editors like other Adobe applications. The app offers great image editing options, including the ability to adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation, warmth, and sharpness of the image. As a result, you can take advantage of it to complete a small project with high professionalism within minutes.

Adobe Express photo editing apps for Android

The most outstanding feature of Adobe Express is its flawless background removal tool. The app also provides a bunch of different fonts for you to add simple but colorful text and images. In addition, users can also take advantage of Adobe Express's diverse template collection to optimize their photo editing process.


ScreenMaster is an outstanding application with the ability to increase your privacy protection in photos. The app reduces the problem of users accidentally sharing sensitive information while sharing screenshots by automatically allowing you to mask them quickly before sharing your images with friends or on social media.

ScreenMaster photo editing apps for Android

The three main functions of the application include Markup Photo, which helps to censor and blur sensitive personal information; Stitch Photo, which helps to merge multiple photos quickly; and Web capture, which helps to capture web pages online completely. However, the biggest drawback of the application is that the ads constantly appear. You need to sign up for an app account to remove ads and enjoy its Premium features.


Snapseed offers a wide range of professional-quality editing tools, options to adjust color and exposure, and selective editing tools to perfect any image. Snapseed's powerful capabilities sometimes overwhelm the casual user looking for a fun, simple-to-use photo editing app. Instead, the app is more suitable for experienced content creators and photographers, especially when the app supports RAW images.

Snapseed photo editing apps for Android

App users can enjoy a variety of options and the ability to edit layers and save "Appearance" to apply to photos later, improving the performance of the photo editing process. The app's portrait mode also smooths skin, brightens eyes, and produces professional-quality images. At the same time, more advanced editing techniques such as Bokeh and Snapseed's lens blur tool are also available for users to freely use to create the most artistic photos.

Plus, Snapseed also comes with several filters for you to apply and edit images faster. With over 30 professional and completely free image editing tools, Snapseed is a must-have for any photography enthusiast.


PhotoDirector is a recently launched application and is well-received by the photo editing community with its powerful toolset. With advanced features neatly organized in an easy-to-use layout, PhotoDirector's user-friendly interface and simple functions simplify your photo editing workflow. It provides great convenience for users, as you can quickly upload, adapt, and create hundreds of projects on the go with your phone or seamlessly switch to other technological devices for home editing.

PhotoDirector photo editing apps for Android

The app focuses on manual image enhancement more than filters. Users get access to HSL sliders, RGB color channels, white balance, and more to edit images and create artistic masterpieces. In addition, PhotoDirector also can add amazing effects to your Instagram Stories and Reels.

The app's essential editing tools include color grading, creating personalized collages, removing objects, or replacing the sky with AI. Besides, other customization features such as tone, brightness, darkness, exposure, and contrast sliders will help you edit images more deeply.


Today's article introduced you to the top 5 photo editing apps for your Android device. We hope you will find this article useful. Also, if you think there are more apps that deserve to be on the list, leave a comment to let us know.

by Kani