Top 5 Safe Video-Watching Apps for Kids on Android

Monday, 05/12/2022 10:55 AM

Top 5 Safe Video-Watching Apps for Kids on Android

The digital age has developed at an incredible speed, and now mobile devices are not just for adults anymore. Children are becoming more interested in any device with a touch screen when the truth is that they provide much greater entertainment and fun than traditional children's toys. Modern devices like your iPad or smartphone can immerse kids in them for hours. 

If they look at the situation positively, educators can take advantage of this technological excellence to integrate kid-friendly educational programs. Showing educational fun movies and videos, or providing fun games where children can learn about the world through them, is the great potential of streaming apps for kids.

The production units of streaming video applications today have a lot of good and interesting cartoons and educational programs for children to entertain. However, there is always the small risk of children accidentally watching inappropriate shows or movies. If you have kids in your home and want to provide them with apps that only contain kid-friendly video content without any inappropriate content, you can refer to the list we introduce below. 

Top 5 Safe Video-Watching Apps for Kids on Android

Today kids can easily access popular apps like YouTube on smartphones or tablets. While YouTube's moderation team is always working hard, they can't control all the dangers of non-children's content. Therefore, users share a common tendency to look for apps that are especially safe for children to entertain when they feel bored. Without wasting any more time, here are the best apps that you can use as an educational medium for your child or younger brother.

Top 5 Safe Video-Watching Apps for Kids on Android
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The Jellies application offers a treasure trove of educational and entertaining content for kids. Instead of letting your child waste time on unhealthy hobbies, you can introduce Jellies to your child as an educational entertainment tool. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices for quick download.  

The Jellies team will manually select the videos to display in the app. Saying no to algorithms that can lead to errors, the application uses human labor to ensure that no inappropriate content can appear on the application. Therefore, you can be assured of its safety. At the same time, you can also create a playlist yourself to limit what your child can watch.  

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is the best alternative to YouTube if your kids spend too much time on this app. A kid's version of YouTube is available on the Android and iOS online app stores for you to download for free. Limiting what kids can see on YouTube has become much simpler since YouTube Kids launched. You don't have to sift through all the millions of videos hosted on the platform to find the best ones for kids. Instead, the app does it for you automatically. 

YouTube Kids also optimizes the look and feel compared to regular YouTube through design templates that include larger images and more bright colors. However, the application cannot guarantee the absolute safety of the content for children with the huge number of videos posted. As such, it adds some important features for increased parental control, including the removal of the video search bar and the usage timer, as well as blocking specific YouTube videos or channels from being displayed.


Netflix is ​​a global streaming platform that has a wide range of educational video content available for kids. The Photos app includes a dedicated children's directory, with TV shows and movies that are fun, interesting, and give children a lot of positive value.  

This app also integrates many smart features to increase parental control over content for children on Netflix. Specifically, you can add a PIN, which acts as a password, for certain shows and movies that you feel are unsuitable for children and remove certain content from Recommended for kids.  

To create a folder for your kids on Netflix, you'll need to select a new Profile, go to Settings, and add the "For Children" tag. The app also categorizes children's different ages to limit the content to be the most accurate. Plus, Netflix also allows for offline streaming of shows, movies, and videos, keeping your kids entertained even when you're not at home.  


GoNoodle is a leading provider of children's entertainment. The application diversifies the areas that children can explore instead of focusing on logical intelligence. Accessing the app every day, your child can learn some fun yoga, dance, and other fitness activities. GoNoodle provides interactive visual instructions to keep kids entertained throughout the process. It even offers some fun games and allows kids to participate in polls to improve their deductive thinking.  

Parents can control the restricted content for their children through the email account used when logging in. As long as your kids don't know the email password, you have full control over the entertainment they can watch. GoNoodle's interface is quite intuitive and user-friendly, and the app is suitable for children aged 6 and up.  

New Sky Kids

New Sky Kids has a very creative and educational approach compared to other online video-viewing applications for children. That is, parents actively create videos with their children and their friends. Interesting and humane videos are updated weekly by the parent community that will focus on positive behavior, such as learning to be grateful when receiving favors from others, apologizing when you hurt someone, and other friendly and civilized gestures. As a result, your child will have a wonderful time learning and engaging with New Sky Kids.


While the efforts of the developers of apps that watch videos for kids are commendable, the truth is that today's apps pose a lot of risk to children when they unknowingly watch content. unhealthy content. Therefore, educators should not ignore their role and depend on applications but instead always care about children's education and entertainment sincerely. We hope today's article will be useful to you.

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