Bloons TD Battles 2 Mod Apk 1.7.2 (No)

Bloons TD Battles 2
App Name Bloons TD Battles 2
Genre Strategy
Developer ninja kiwi
Size 54M
Latest Version 1.7.2
Mod info No
Update December 24, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Bloons TD Battles 2

Following the preceding successes of the tower defense game series, the strategy of the ninja kiwi publisher, Bloons TD Battles 2 is now available with more alluring extra features. If you have ever played any of the previous portions of Bloons TD, you absolutely cannot skip out this installment of the game. The game has gameplay that is both exceedingly simple and equally appealing. As for new gamers, Bloons TD Battles 2 will provide you with a one-of-a-kind tactical gameplay experience coupled with a UI that is vibrant and fascinating. Read the following article to gain a better understanding of this game.

Introducing Bloons TD Battles 2


Players will need to command defensive troops to keep the Tower safe, just like in any other tower defense game. The unique aspect of the game is that the monkeys will act as your allies, and it remains to be seen how treacherous your rival will be. It may come as a surprise to see that your adversaries are colorful balloons. But don't assume they're lovely and easy to deal with; just a large number of balloons entering the fort will make it tough for you to maintain control of the situation, and it's possible that you'll lose the game right away.

The principles of Bloons TD Battles 2 are rather straightforward; however, you will need to employ some careful planning in order to put a stop to these balloons and prevent them from spreading throughout the territory. The gameplay in Bloons TD Battles 2 consists of engaging in combat with various colored balloons. Because of their constant motion, dealing with these balloons is not simple, as it makes it tough for you to maintain concentration on the task at hand, which is to pop all of them. Maintain your composure, concentrate on  monitoring, and make use of monkey warriors to pop those balloons.

Numerous Tactics on the Bloons TD Battles 2


Bloons TD Battles 2 has a significant number of challenging levels. Your task, in whatever circumstance, is to strike a balance between the offensive and defensive capabilities at your disposal. Due to the fact that it is a strategic game, you will need to adapt your plan to meet the requirements of each level. To stop the bubbles from taking over, you'll need to take command of the monkey soldiers skillfully and appropriately.

Combining Hero and Tower System for Defense

The assortment of heroes in Bloons TD Battles 2 is highly appealing. Each collection of heroes has its unique set of improvements. You may give the option to upgrade or put into fight, depending on the circumstances, in order to enable you to best defend and assault the strongest opponent.


In terms of the Tower system, Bloons TD Battles 2 has 21 different kinds of Towers as well as 15 upgrades for each Tower. During combat, you will tap on various upgrades and raise the stamina of each tower in turn, and the upgrades you choose will depend on the score you now have.


The graphics of Bloons TD Battles 2 are incredibly vibrant and attract the eye immediately. In Bloons TD Battles 2, the animations, emoticons, and stickers are all really endearing. The entire scene in the game is covered in a wide variety of vibrant colors, and the monkeys are very endearing and cartoonishly shaped. The overall experience leaves gamers with a sense of delight and comfort.

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