Board Kings Mod Apk 4.32.0 (Unlimited Rolls)

Board Kings
App Name Board Kings
Genre Board
Developer Jelly Button Games
Size 152M
Latest Version 4.32.0
Mod info Unlimited Rolls
Update December 29, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Board Kings

If you're a fan of strategy games and are interested in trying out some games with straightforward mechanics, I'd like to introduce you to Board Kings. This is a light strategy game from the publisher Jelly Button Games with dice rolling gameplay on mobile. Board Kings is the ideal game for you to play if you are interested in playing strategy games that don't require a lot of thought and still provide a fun experience. Read the following article in order to acquire a deeper comprehension of this exciting game.

Introducing Board Kings 


In the past, players of strategy games needed to be able to reason, devise a strategy that was reasonable, or think a lot in order to advance through the levels. Some players are interested in locating a mode of play that is less structured and more random in order to be able to provide entertainment that is not less appealing. And when you are too heavy-headed or have too many things to think about, finding a game that does not require any effort but can also invite friends to play together is too excellent. As a result, the board game Board Kings was published, and its release was met with praise from a significant number of gamers.

The fact that it is a dice game means that there will be a significant amount of unpredictability involved in the gameplay, yet the luck and randomness included in the roll of the dice in this game are nicely balanced. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, yet it may be quite challenging to come out on top and claim the prize.



There is no limit on everything in the game, including the number of times you can roll the dice or the bonuses you can earn. Because of this, nearly no one is able to resist the peculiar allure of a game of chance once they've tried it and gotten themselves involved.

By tapping the dice button to roll, players will be able to earn coins that can be used to upgrade buildings. After the roll of the dice has been completed, you will begin making moves on the chessboard. In addition, the total number of dots on the dice is directly proportional to the number of movements available.

Each player will receive four dice at the beginning of their round, and depending on the number of moves they have remaining, they will either enter the coin, gold, or jewel box. Gold is required in order to improve facilities, and after all of the buildings on the chessboard have been renovated to their maximum potential, you will be promoted to the next level.

A Game Between Fortune and Unlucky


It doesn't matter where you go on the chessboard; the outcome will always be different regardless of how lucky you are when you roll the dice. You will have the ability to go to any location on the board that you want, whether it be a square with a solid bonus, a box that receives commands to proceed to another spot on the board, or any other square. It seems like you're playing a version of billionaire chess, but in reality, the process and the specifics are far less complicated. There will be times when you have a lot of money to upgrade a large number of buildings, and there will also be times when you lose all of your gold coins without gaining anything in return. Give Board Kings a shot to see where your luck is.

Several Levels of Playing

The game Board Kings includes a total of seven distinct difficulty levels. You will not be able to advance in levels, however, until all of the buildings on the chessboard have been upgraded to their maximum potential. In addition, players have the option of naming their unique building which awards them with additional benefits. The higher your level, the greater your chances are of acquiring extraordinary benefits, such as an increase in the number of dice you roll.

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