Bomber Friends Mod Apk 4.69 (Dumb Enemies, Season Pass, Menu)

Bomber Friends
App Name Bomber Friends
Genre Action
Developer Hyperkani
Size 113M
Latest Version 4.69
Mod info Dumb Enemies, Season Pass, Menu
Update December 24, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Bomber Friends

Do you still remember playing the classic bomb games back in your childhood?  Today I'd like to introduce you to Bomber Friends, a game with a familiar but equally appealing gameplay. In Bomber Friends, the conflict is fought by putting bombs over enemy positions that you want to eliminate. The players will go up against a wide variety of adversaries, defeat all opponents and be the last one surviving on the game. You can gain a better understanding of Bomber Friends by reading the following article.

Introducing Bomber Friends


The plot of the game starts in a quiet town, where our protagonist, Bomber, has established a happy existence with his loved ones and close friends. But the calm that prevailed throughout those days did not continue for very long. One day, monsters launched an assault on the village. They wreak havoc on everything and take the entire village hostage. The town is relocated to an inaccessible location, and the land is subdivided into numerous tiny islands. You will be tasked with assisting Bomber as he travels across unfamiliar regions, battles dangerous monsters, and saves his friends.

The player will first set foot on the islands, and it is there that they will place bombs in order to destroy their enemies. Glasslands is the initial destination, and after you've completed it, the chain of quests will be finished. The levels of Bomber Friends will unlock the map one by one; but, in order to access the entire map, you must first finish the game in its entirety. The islands where the battles will take place are called Cursed Castle, Desert, Winter Valley, Robot Dominion, and Medieval Kingdom. Each location in the rich screen system will provide you with a wealth of impressions of the various difficulties you will face.



The gameplay of Bomber Friends isn't all that dissimilar to the gameplay of other typical bomb games. Players will take control of a character and plant bombs in order to blow up bricks that are in the way of progress and eliminate enemies. In order to go to the next level, you will need to locate the key that will unlock the door. On the game's screen, you'll find a lot of different goods, like hearts, explosives, and protective shields; remember to collect as many of these as you can, as they provide a useful support effect. There are also some symbols, such as skulls, which you should avoid or destroy with bombs since they will bring evil things to you if you run into them.

Multiple Game Modes for Bomber Friends

The publisher Hyperkani makes available to gamers a wide array of gameplay options. When you first begin playing in the Classic mode, you will be placed into a match with three other players at random. Whoever wins by wiping out all of their rivals gets the victory. In order to go to the next level in Adventure mode, you will need to obtain a key to unlock a hidden gate, which can be found throughout the game. You have the option to either fight the enemies who stand in your way or simply avoid them as you go through each level.


You will compete against other online players in the game's Multiplayer mode, which supports a maximum of eight players. In the Reversi Tournament game mode, your objective is to cover the entire playing field with bombs. The player who successfully covers the larger paint before the timer runs out is declared the winner. In addition, players are split into two teams before engaging in Team Battles. The victorious side is the one that eliminates each and every member of the other side.

A Map With a Lot of Challenging

Since it is an adventure game, Bomber Friends always has levels that are more difficult than the average game. Once the player has clicked on the magnifying glass icon, they will be able to quickly view any red areas or moving skeletons. Play calmly so as not to make blunders in those areas where you are difficult to go.

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