Boom Karts Mod Apk 1.26.0 (Speed, Cars Unlocked)

Boom Karts
App Name Boom Karts
Genre Action
Developer Fingersoft
Size 177M
Latest Version 1.26.0
Mod info Speed, Cars Unlocked
Update December 29, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Boom Karts

Boom Karts will bring the bustle and chaos of racing to a new variant. It's an online game, which means you'll have the chance to compete with your friends on dramatic tracks. In addition, the game also has a fun graphics engine, making the situations more attractive than ever.

Customize Your Vehicle and Let the Race Begin

Boom Karts belongs to the racing genre with exciting actions, bringing a new feeling. You will be transformed into a talented car racer who must overcome dangerous pitfalls. Although it is a racing game, it will give you thrilling action. Moreover, you are equipped with competitive skills with high damage and mysterious gifts while on the track.


Your Missions and In-game Special Features 

There are many hidden tracks with many pitfalls waiting for you to conquer. Your opponent also has many dangerous skills, such as bombing or launching high-damage rockets to eliminate you, so you must be very careful. If you make a small mistake, you might as well die.

You can show your driving experience through speed turns and dodging obstacles. Everything is genuine. How far you go will depend on your skills and ability. Therefore, try to create the perfect turns to overcome the opponent.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the later you race, the slower your car will go. This is because the opponent's car has been upgraded, so they will go faster and have more damage skills. Therefore, you have to upgrade your vehicle through victories to earn a lot of money. You can then unlock good-looking cars with more lethal skills.


In terms of combat weapons, bombs are something you can use in each race. There are also many other innovative weapons, bringing more daring combat ideas and making racing more entertaining than ever.

Another cool feature is that you can organize races with friends. As a result, each player will have a different experience. You can even fight with your friends to make the game more exciting and complex.

You can also play in PvP mode to compete with other online players or create your own arena. Whether you choose the solo mode with AI or PvP, you can still customize your character (outfits, accessories, weapons, and more). There are many exciting things waiting for you ahead.

Highly Immersed Graphics 


The game has carefully invested in 3D graphics. You can freely adventure with cute cartoon characters. The contexts, color schemes, details, items, and weapons are all cleverly designed and witty. Everything exudes enthusiasm and energy. Therefore, no matter how long you play the game, you will not get bored.

Download the Game and Start Racing!

Boom Karts is one of the most exciting racing games, bringing thrill and excitement to the players. Therefore, if you are looking for a racing game that is highly entertaining, this game can definitely deliver that. Download the game today, and you'll soon feel hot after a few races!

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