Boxing Gym Story Mod Apk 1.3.0 (Unlimited Money)

Boxing Gym Story
App Name Boxing Gym Story
Genre Sports
Developer Kairosoft Co.
Size 40M
Latest Version 1.3.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 27, 2022 (3 months ago)

Description of Boxing Gym Story

If you consider yourself a fan of sport,  Boxing Gym Story is the game that you just cannot ignore. Boxing Gym Story, a wonderful product that has been put on your phone by the publisher Kairosoft so that you can freely realize your passion for boxing. Boxing Gym Story will put you in the ring with some of the most thrilling professional boxers and boxing stadiums ever created. Your objective is to develop famous punchers and triumph over all of your rivals. You can win against any opponent, regardless of how skilled they are, provided that you put in a lot of effort into your training. To gain a better understanding of how to play this game, read the following article.

Introducing Boxing Gym Story


Are you a fan of boxing and games that look like pixels, open your phone, download Boxing Gym Story, and start having fun. You're going to a boxing facility that specializes in cultivating champions. Players will get a sense of what it is like to practice in martial arts because the fights here are not easy, but it is a process that allows you to determine your current level of training.

You will make the acquaintance of a former boxing champion of the city when the game first begins. He will take on the role of your secretary and walk you through each stage of the process to construct the finest gym. If you follow the directions, you can build a boxing club where the most skilled fighters in the world get their coaching.

Training Professional Boxers


The ring serves as both the battlefield and the arena in which the combatants face off against one another. You are the owner of a boxing club and have a lot of expertise; now you need to find some young boxers that have talent and begin training them to become real fighters. The boxers will continue to adhere to the rigorous diet and training program that you have prescribed for them. Accompany your fighters and remain steadfast until the very end if you wish to ascend to the highest echelons of glory. Your gym will be elevated to a new level once your boxer has won fights against the most powerful boxers in the world. It will become a place that many martial artists trust and come to in order to sign up for more instruction.

The Evolution of the Gym Center

Young punchers are like unpolished diamonds that have not been well honed; as you work with them, they will undoubtedly become very sharp and distinctive. It is necessary to enlarge and modernize the gym in order to give the greatest possible training for the participants. Naturally, developing the gym will require a significant financial investment, thus the necessary funds should be progressively accumulated from newly registered boxers. As you advance through entering new regions, additional tasks and classes will become available to you. As a consequence of this, boxers will be given a significant amount of advanced instruction, which will assist them in becoming champions.


Make Some Adjustments to Workout Regime

Since the boxers on the floor will be counted according to different weight classes, you will need to modify the training regimen so that the boxer can either lose or gain weight. Only boxers who meet the criteria for their weight class will be allowed to compete in the match. Because you are a seasoned instructor, you should not be bashful about passing on to your martial artists the experience as well as winning strategies. Increase the power, the defense, the pace, and any other parameters that need it. The fruits of your effort will lead to results that are to your satisfaction.

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