Bucket Crusher Mod Apk 1.3.4 (Unlimited Money)

Bucket Crusher
App Name Bucket Crusher
Genre Simulations
Developer VOODOO
Size 96.04 MB
Latest Version 1.3.4
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 06, 2023 (8 months ago)

Description of Bucket Crusher

If you are looking for a game with an idle and fun style, you should not ignore Bucket Crusher. In this game, your job is to destroy the walls to earn money from them. You can also upgrade many things like the treadmill, max fuel, and multiplier. There are dozens of types of buildings for you to explore and destroy. Let's enjoy the wonderful relaxing process with them. 

Introduce Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher is an idle game by the publisher VOODOO that is loved by many mobile gamers. Although it is a simple game in terms of gameplay and visuals, it still has a great attraction because it can easily help players relieve stress. The game mechanics are very simple, and you just need to touch and swipe on the screen to play. Moreover, with its colorful design and soothing music, the game will keep you relaxed all the time. Destroy buildings in your way and enjoy the fun from there. 


Freely Destroy Buildings In Your Style

Basically, Bucket Crusher fully gathers the elements of an idle game with simple gameplay but full of entertainment. At each level, you will experience each type of building built from different materials. And your only mission is to destroy them. The more you destroy, the more coins you get. 

Sounds simple right? However, the player also needs to apply a bit of gray matter to find a way to destroy as many structures in the building as possible. That will help you earn a lot of money and gold to upgrade and unlock everything. Over time, demolition challenges will become more difficult, requiring gamer progress. That's when you need to upgrade your equipment.

Upgrade Your Machine And Equipment

As mentioned, the buildings in the game will get bigger and stronger with each level increase. Therefore, you need to always upgrade your equipment to create better damage and shorten the destruction process. 


In Bucket Crusher, the speed and size of the spike wheel are two important factors. The larger the spike wheel and boom size, the larger the damage range. Once there, you can easily destroy every part of the building. Besides, the speed of destruction is equally important. It will help you optimize the destruction process without moving your finger too much on the screen. Furthermore, pay attention to the fuel bar on the left side of the screen. You will need to refill it to continue operating your machine.

Explore Unique Buildings

Bucket Crusher offers many impressive building models. Initially, it may be a simple and weak building. But later on, gamers can unlock giant avocado-shaped structures, the Statue of Liberty, etc. Each building has its beauty to inspire gamers. 

Simple But Impressive Graphics


With simple gameplay, Bucket Crusher also brings in a minimalist design style to be more suitable. Each level of the game consists of only three components, the building, the spike wheel, and the scissors. They display intuitively on a horizontal screen with a rudimentary but colorful design. Each object also has a different color, creating a bright and inspiring experiential scene.

Moreover, during playing, you can enjoy soothing music all the time. These make a simple game impressive. They will please players who love idleness and simplicity.

Download Bucket Crusher

Overall, Bucket Crusher is simple but by no means boring. On the contrary, it will help you find joy in destroying buildings. Click the screen to destroy everything, upgrade non-stop for better destructive power and get more bonuses. Many new levels with beautiful constructions are waiting for you to discover here. Do not hesitate to download Bucket Crusher to your phone to have the best entertainment time.

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