Bulu Monster Mod Apk 9.3.0 (Massive Rewards/Bulu Points)

Bulu Monster
App Name Bulu Monster
Genre Role Playing
Developer Sigma Game Limited
Size 80M
Latest Version 9.3.0
Mod info Massive Rewards/Bulu Points
Update January 03, 2023 (2 months ago)

Description of Bulu Monster

It is possible to say that Pokemon is one of the few famous gaming characters of all time, and that it is an inspiration to a lot of people that produce video games. There are a lot of people that attract Pokemon-related products, which is one of the factors that led to the creation of Bulu Monster. The video game Bulu Monster, which is published by Sigma Game Limited, is a product that has been heavily inspired by the mythical Pokemon animals. You will develop your skills as a monster trainer here in the kingdom of Bulu. On the other hand, these monsters won't be quite like Pokemon. They are called Bulu Monsters, which are creatures that are just as powerful and adorable as Pokemon.

Introducing Bulu Monster


Welcome to Bulu Island, which is home to a large number of mysterious creatures known as Bulu Monsters. In the game of the same name, the protagonist will embark on a trip with the objective of capturing Bulu monsters to use as combatants in subsequent battles. When you go on an adventure on Bulu Island as a trainer, you will come across a wide variety of legendary species. Fight them and capture them to add new monster allies to your army, which will make your current force more formidable than ever.

There will be a lot of different forces that we must contend with in Bulu Monster. The majority of the fights will consist of one monster facing off against another. Each creature has a very new and distinctive skill. In a battle, picking monsters that can defend against your opponent's attacks is going to bring you a lot of advantages. In order to have the appropriate abilities, you should also acquire a great deal of knowledge about the Bulu Monster. Apply your strategy and relevant experience in the field to win powerful victories as a Bulu monster trainer champion.

Many Different Kinds of Monsters


Players have access to all 150 monsters provided by the publisher Bulu Monster. The monsters take their inspiration from legendary beasts depicted in films as well as animals seen in their natural habitat. You will be able to differentiate between the many types of creatures based on the characteristics that they carry. At the beginning of each match, there will be a variety of creatures for us to battle. You should provide your monsters powerful upgrades and equipment if you want them to be able to fight more effectively and bring you victory.

Adventure in Bulu Monster

In this world inhabited by Bulu Monsters, you are about to go on an adventure that spans multiple continents. You won't just run across cute creatures, though; you'll also run into other characters who are quite interesting. They have a wealth of knowledge to share with you regarding the world of Bulu Monster. Alternatively, you can interact with them in order to obtain further directions and information necessary to uncover the prize. The mission system gets daily updates, and additional objectives become available whenever you advance to a higher level in your adventure. Once you've finished the challenge in its entirety, you'll be given the prize that goes along with it.


Get To Know Some Experienced Monster Trainers

Players will come across skilled monster trainers in addition to the characters who are responsible for your adventures and who will guide you. There will be over 50 different trainers, each of them specializes in a certain subset of monsters. These trainers have a large number of exceptionally uncommon monsters in their study area. All of them have progressed to the utmost level possible and possess a wide variety of abilities that are beyond your comprehension. You will, however, be awarded a certificate attesting to your strength if you are successful in defeating them. Discover the skilled trainers hidden across the world of Hulu Monster and test your strength against them.

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