Cafeland - World Kitchen Mod Apk 2.2.83 (Unlimited Money)

Cafeland - World Kitchen
App Name Cafeland - World Kitchen
Genre Simulations
Developer GAMEGOS
Size 98M
Latest Version 2.2.83
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 14, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Cafeland - World Kitchen

Do you want to try your hand at a certain business field? A fancy restaurant or colorful clothing store? But if the answer is a coffee shop, you can come to the game Cafeland to build your famous coffee shop and become a rich businessman. Not only coffee but you can sell many other drinks and cakes. You will buy the kitchen, decorations, and furniture, hire staff, organize events, etc. There is no limit in this game; explore it now.

Introduce Cafeland


Cafeland is an excellent management simulation game by the publisher GAMEGOS. Launched in 2017, but so far, this game has not stopped being hot and always updates new versions regularly to add more attractive events for its players. 

If you have an idea to open a coffee shop but do not know where to start, Cafeland is a solid stepping stone for you. This game will introduce you to an extremely large cafe model with many employees as well as diverse dishes. However, that is only the bright future and the result of your efforts. Everything will start from zero. Make good use of the unique features the game offers to build a strong coffee empire. 

Become A Good Chef And Manager

Your story at Cafeland will start with the simplest things. Initially, you only have a small area to put a few tables and chairs next to the kitchen and a place to display simple things like tea, coffee, and some cakes. Diners will automatically go to the counter and pick up their food, then enjoy and leave. Of course, they will pay for your food and rate your store according to their perception.


The little money you earn will help you to grow your coffee shop step by step. You can also get a chance to become the best chef in the world here. Learn to cook and discover delicious dishes every day. Diners are always waiting to be served, and enjoy your food.

Build And Grow Your Restaurant

As the number of customers grows, it's time to upgrade your cafe. Selling a variety of drinks and dishes, not stopping at coffee. Learn new recipes and hire employees to do different tasks. Serving fast food like cakes, pizza, or famous dishes like lobster and sushi is not a bad idea. That gives customers more choices and helps your profits increase many times over.

Over time, you can expand the store area and buy more new items, such as tables and chairs, tablecloths, kitchens, ... or any decorative items. You can even add pets, such as cats and dogs, to increase the appeal of your restaurant. This game will allow you to be creative in many ways, and there are no rules that can stop your design.


Enjoy The Unique Menu

Cafeland is more than just a cafe restaurant. This place offers a lot of unique dishes and drinks for you. The dishes you can find include cakes, ice cream, chicken, soup, fish, bread, and pasta. Besides, a variety of new dishes are also available at the store for you to discover daily.

Of course, you will have to pay a fee to buy the dish. More unique foods will cost more, but customers will also pay you a higher price for them. So, upgrading the menu every day is also a way to help your cafe earn more profits. Play hard and get what you deserve.

Fun 2D Graphics

In Cafeland, the characters, objects, and backgrounds in the game are designed in a fun cartoon style. Everything looks lovely and close, creating a comfortable feeling every time you play. Besides, you will also enjoy joyful musical melodies during the experience. This game is great for relaxing. All the details in the game create a great simulation world.

Download Cafeland 

If you love simulation games on mobile devices, Cafeland is an attractive choice. You will become the chef yourself and manage everything in your restaurant. From decorating and cooking to recruiting and partying, you're in control. This game has all the elements to create an immersive experience environment suitable for entertainment and relaxation at all times.

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