Call Recorder Mod Apk 6.34.2 (Pro Unlocked)

Call Recorder
App Name Call Recorder
Genre Tools
Developer Appliqato
Size 13.26 MB
Latest Version 6.34.2
Mod info Pro Unlocked
Update January 16, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Call Recorder

Call Recorder is an application that allows you to record essential phone calls that you then have the option to save for later use. This application will allow you to record any calls that you make, and it will also save any conversations or exchanges that you have while using it in a timely manner. Call Recorder provides you with a wide variety of useful capabilities, such as the ability to record an unlimited number of calls. The operation is quite straightforward and easy to keep in your head, it does not make you struggle to utilize it. You can now listen to the conversation whenever you like. To learn more about this Call Recorder app, read the following article.

Introducing Call Recorder


You must work and speak with your partner on the phone on a regular basis, or just talk with relatives and friends about essential information that you must pay attention to. You no longer need to take notes; instead, the recording option is a viable choice. Recording something helps you save time and delivers all the information you require at the same time. You don't need to find any farther because Call Recorder is an app that perfectly suits your recording needs. 

The steps that need to be followed are straightforward and simple enough that practically anyone can do them. When you get to the Call Recorder, you will very quickly become accustomed to how to utilize it. Call Recorder will be the means by which you can preserve a thorough record of every call that is significant to you.


Call Recorder is multi-functional and works with any mobile device. You will be able to record all of your phone calls directly on your smartphone without having to go through too many steps. When you choose Call Recorder, you will not be disappointed. The application is where you may gather everything you need, such as allowing users to save essential information and review it at any time. Furthermore, this application reduces installation time and incorporates all of the best tools.

Mode for Immediate Recording Call

Call Recorder will keep a record of any and all calls, whether they come in or go out. When the recording function of the application is activated, all incoming and outgoing calls are immediately saved. There is no restriction on the number of calls that can be recorded with Call Recorder. Because of this, Call Recorder is becoming a more popular option among consumers. The app that is currently regarded as being the most effective for recording calls.


Notations for Recording Files

You can annotate the display to show distinct information or titles in order to avoid getting the recording files confused with one another. From that vantage point, it will be much simpler for you to differentiate between options and make your choice, should that become essential. When there are a large number of distinct files and you do not document them with notes, it will become confused and get you into difficulty. Because of this, taking notes for recording files is highly recommended.

Share Recording Files

Each recorded file can be shared with other users through several additional ways, such as Facebook, Zalo, or Instagram. It is quite simple for you to share and send it to your friend or your family. In addition to this, Call Recorder offers you access to powerful high speed operations. You are able to back up on a variety of formats, which will provide the highest possible level of efficiency.

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