Candy Manor Mod Apk 78 (Unlimited stars)

Candy Manor
App Name Candy Manor
Genre Puzzle
Developer Tengame19
Size 132M
Latest Version 78
Mod info Unlimited stars
Update January 13, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Candy Manor

If you are bored of playing traditional or action-oriented video games, you should give Candy Manor, a game published by Tengame19 that features gameplay that is quite unique and entertaining, a shot. Candy Manor has painted your existence as a struggle at times. However, human beings will always find a way to triumph over adversity. The shift it brings about is one that very few people are capable of making. You can gain a better understanding of this Candy Manor game by reading the following article.

Introducing Candy Manor 


Mary had a lovely appearance and enjoyed a lot of success in her younger years, but she lived a miserable life. It was this decision that ultimately led to a tragic outcome as she pushed herself to the limit. In order for Mary to finally be free, she needed to find a new place to live, so she took her kid and left the old house. You are going to assist her in restoring the run-down home that she has recently moved into. Then you will need to give every nook and cranny of the house as well as the tiniest details a thorough cleaning. 

In order to ensure that all of the filth is removed, the cleaning process will take quite some time. The next step will be to purchase new furnishings in order to breathe new life into the entire area contained inside it. Your primary objective will be to solve the matching puzzles so that you may boost your income and contribute to Mary's improved quality of life.


On the market, you can find a wide variety of interesting jigsaw puzzles, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs; however, playing Candy Manor will provide you with far more interesting experiences. It will take you on a trip to dramatically transform the life of another person.

Finish All of the Levels

Candy Manor is a game with a lot of stages, and you are required to finish it. When one level is completed, the one that follows it will be significantly more challenging. It is possible that you will need to work hard to get the highest grade on each level. The maximum number of points you can earn is equivalent to having a total of three stars. As you pass each significant location, a star will illuminate to indicate your progress toward the objective. When the gaming screen has a high rating, you will also be rewarded favorably with a satisfying bonus. 

Change Everything for the Better


Things will occur in each of the several scenarios of the plot that require you to make adjustments. For instance, if you go into a particular room in the house and see that it is cluttered as well as covered in dust, you will undoubtedly have to clean that area. The number of levels you clear will be equivalent to the number of cleaning steps you accomplish. The more you play, the quicker you clean up. These missions are realistic and varied enough to keep you interested at all times.

Mysterious Things Are Waiting for You to Discover

In addition to the locations that you have already found, there are a great deal of other enigmatic regions scattered all over the map. You will not be able to access them unless you have finished the necessary narrative side tasks to unlock them. You can choose to explore the mystery in the backyard, on the balcony, or throughout the entire pool. They are all waiting for you. Naturally, they will play a part in allowing you to take advantage of the prizes, and they will also contain obstacles that become progressively more severe.

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