Captain Tsubasa ZERO Mod Apk 3.0.0 (Menu/Weak Enemies)

Captain Tsubasa ZERO
App Name Captain Tsubasa ZERO
Genre Sports
Developer GMO GP
Size 64M
Latest Version 3.0.0
Mod info Menu/Weak Enemies
Update January 16, 2023 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Captain Tsubasa ZERO

It is likely that Captain Tsubasa, a highly well-known Japanese manga and anime adaptation, is not unfamiliar to fans of anime, particularly those who favor the sports genre of animation. The story of Captain Tsubasa, which is about the competitive spirit of young football players, has been an inspiration to a great number of people and game designers. Because of this, Captain Tsubasa ZERO was developed; its release was intended to make the supporters feel more connected to the game and provide them with a never-ending supply of exciting football entertainment. Read the following article to gain a better understanding of the incredible game that was published by GMO GP, Inc.

Introducing Captain Tsubasa ZERO


A large number of people all over the world consider football to be the premier sport. People may now not only watch well-known films that were inspired by football, but they can also play football video games that include their most cherished characters. You will be able to conduct the most thrilling football matches on the crowded pitch in Captain Tsubasa ZERO, and you will be able to guide your players to victory over experienced opponents.

The game's notable feature is the creation of characters and images that are quite similar to those found in the Captain Tsubasa anime series. These similarities make the game a lot of fun to play. The character's movements and the manner they fight are also very smooth, and they are not at all inferior to the movies that are shown on the screen. Your team has the opportunity to demonstrate their skill level at major tournaments. You are going to do a terrific job as the coach of your squad. Let's try to become an enthusiastic leader and guide your team to victory in the game.

Demonstrate Your Soccer Talents


To get the most out of this game—and any other—you need to familiarize yourself with the abilities associated with this character. Your character has the potential to thrive in a variety of areas, including speed of movement, technique, strength, and the ability to pass the ball. To be more specific, the player's concealed skills will automatically activate whenever they come into contact with an appropriate teammate or opponent. There are other talents that can be used by groups, skills that can be used by squads, and other special moves. Start playing right now to learn about all of the game's amazing features.

Upgrade Your Team to Make It More Powerful

You can assist your players in reaching a greater threshold of power simply by upgrading, as each member in Captain Tsubasa ZERO brings with them their own distinctive element. The game allows for a maximum of sixty levels to be completed by each individual player. They are categorized as A, S, SR, and SSR based on the level of rarity they possess. The rares level players there are, the higher the quality of figures and the more varied their skill sets. If you want to make progress on the quest, you should put in a lot of effort to collect resources and find players with high rarity so that you may form a squad that can defeat any opponent.


Compete for the Title of Champion

When you play Captain Tsubasa ZERO, you won't just experience the intensity of the battles itself; you'll also be up against gamers from all over the world. The most resounding triumphs will be those in which the scramble, the ball, and the spectacular strokes all come into play. With each victory, you will earn a set number of points that may later be redeemed for prizes. To be able to win the championship that so many people hope to attain, you need to make the most of the strongest team possible, which has the most powerful combat potential.

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