Car Eats Car 3 Mod Apk 3.2 b658 (Unlimited Money/Gasoline)

Car Eats Car 3
App Name Car Eats Car 3
Genre Racing
Size 113M
Latest Version 3.2 b658
Mod info Unlimited Money/Gasoline
Update January 05, 2023 (8 months ago)

Description of Car Eats Car 3

Car Eats Car 3 is the third installment in the critically acclaimed Car Eats Car video game series, which is published by SMOKOKO GAMES. This is a game that provides you with the opportunity to drive the most powerful fighting vehicles. Due to the fact that Car Eats Car 3 circumvents the normal traffic safety limitations, the player is able to travel freely on the road and engage in frantic devastation, including the destruction of police vehicles. Therefore, the cops will be there to control you with a wide variety of cutting-edge weapons, you must masterfully operate the vehicle and avoid being destroyed. You may learn more about the intriguing elements of this game by reading the following article.

Introducing Car Eats Car 3


Car Eats Car 3 gives players the opportunity to test their driving skills on a variety of challenging courses while engaging in combat. On the other hand, the gameplay is not only easy but also enjoyable. It is not necessary to perform an excessive number of maneuvers in order to get the car moving. The most crucial thing is that you have to do everything in your power to survive against a large number of opponents. Those who wish to neutralize or destroy you are watching your every action. Car Eats Car 3 does not include speed racing but rather spectacular encounters, so try to be a versatile and sober driver in order to avoid being cornered by the adversary.

When you enter the world of Car Eats Car 3, you will find that instead of being a driver, you have been turned into one of the crazy automobiles. These automobiles are not like the typical autos that one typically encounters in one's daily life. Due to the fact that they have been transplanted from various materials, these cars will be enormous, hilarious, and also highly monstrous. Do not underestimate them since they possess exceptional fighting talents and are prepared to demolish everything in their path.

A Thrilling Encounter


Comparable to a race in every other respect, Car Eats Car 3 is not just a contest of speed but also an intense battle between drivers. In addition to the challenges presented by the terrain and the barriers, you will also have to contend with a large number of adversaries. One of them is that the police will attempt to exert control over you, and they will also bring in helicopters and a large number of missiles to impede your progress. The truly exciting part of the game has started, but there is no way to go back now, so you have no choice but to keep going until the obstacle course is finished. Shatter everything in your path and move as quickly as you can to earn the greatest score.

Combat Vehicle Upgrade

You need to enhance your car in order to keep up with the adversary, who is equipped with a weapon system that can kill you. Car Eats Car 3 provides players with a greater variety of upgrade options, including as rocket launchers, freeze lasers, and bomb tripods, which can be utilized at any time to successfully combat other enemies. The feeling in the game screen is not dissimilar to that of a war, and it is even more intense than that. During the conflict, you are not permitted to stop moving and must continue to attack in order to avoid getting hit by the police's strikes.



The third installment of the Car Eats Car video game series has significant advancements in terms of both the gameplay and the graphics and music. Even though it is only built on 2D graphics, Car Eats Car 3 has a shape that appears like a lot of fun. When observing the flying automobiles performing acrobatics in the air, the movement of the vehicles in the game appears to be rather diversified and entertaining. The fire and explosion effects, in addition, have been meticulously crafted by the publisher in order to provide gamers with the highest possible quality of gameplay.

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